Timiza loan limit 500 in Kenya

Timiza loan limit of 500 used to be the minimum amount a customer could get on approval for a loan.

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In this regard,it's not possible know to get such a loan limit and this is because the timiza minimum loan amount was raised.

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Timiza loan limits

Before, loan limits used to range from 500 to 150,000. But today the current timiza loan limits start at 1,000 to 150,000.

It will sound a bit awkward if there's a customer who is missing the timiza minimum loan limit of 500. And this is because,500 used to be a much small loan amount.

Timiza loan limit 500 

In conclusion,the timiza loan limit of 500 is no longer available. Customers can get loans ranging from a minimum of 1000 to a maximum of 150,000.

In many cases though, customers ask for a timiza loan limit of 5000. In fact there have been suggestions that 5000 be set as the minimum timiza loan limit.

How to apply for timiza loan of 500

To apply for a timiza loan, there are two ways; 

Timiza USSD Code

A customer can dial *848# to register and start applying for loans from timiza.

This is available to anyone with a mobile phone device including feature phones.

Timiza app

A customer can download Timiza App from Google play store for Android smartphones or from Apple Appstore for iPhones (iOS devices).

Each customer gets a loan limit before applying for the actual loan .


Timiza loan limit 500 is no longer the minimum loan limit. In this regard,you can't apply for a loan amount of 500 from timiza. The minimum is 1000.

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