Timiza Loan App: How to Download and Apply Mobile Personal Loans

Timiza Loan App Logo
Timiza Logo 

Timiza loan app is a finance app giving Kenyans access to quick and affordable short term loans.

In this article allow me to share the information I know and experience I have concerning Timiza app and loan services.

The platform is a Super App designed to enable customers to access more services in addition to loans including; 
  • paying bills, 
  • airtime top up,
  • buying insurance,
  • forex
  •  paying for Little Cab

Timiza loan app owned and managed by  Absa Bank Kenya 

Timiza Loan App Features Summary 

Timiza Loan App Summary Description
App Name Timiza
Bank Absa Bank Kenya
Company Absa Group Limited
Year Launched 2021
Rated 4.2 stars out of 5
Downloads so far 1m+
Loan Limits Up to KES 150,000
Interest Rate 1.083% one off
Facilitation Fees 5%
Loan Tenure 30 days
Phone Numbers +254 709 213 000
Email timiza.KE@absa.africa
M-Pesa Paybill Number 300067

Timiza loan features - Interest rates,Loan Limits

Timiza provide mpesa emergency loans. The limits ranges from sh 1000 to sh 150,000. The approved loan amount is deposited to the customer's Timiza account. 

Each customer gets a custom loan limit before applying for the loans.

Timiza loan limit 5000

Sh5000 is good first time loan amount in Kenya. To get timiza loan limit of 5000 you'll have to be a customer with a good credit score. 

This invloves a history of paying other lenders promptly without defaulting.

To use the money, you'll have to send the amount to your registered M-Pesa account.

What is Timiza loan interest rate? The interest is 1.083% and a facilitation fee of 5% of the amount of loan approved.

Always remember to check closely the loan costs before making a borrowing decision.

Timiza loan Requirements
To apply for loans, you'll have to satisfy the following requirements; 
  • Be a Safaricom customer with an M-Pesa account older than 6 months
  • Not be CRB blacklisted
  • Be 18 years or above
  • Have a valid ID ( passport is not allowed)

How to apply for a timiza loan

How do I get a Timiza loan? To do a timiza loan application in Kenya ,there are two ways to apply;

Used Code*848#

You can use timiza ussd code *848# to apply for loans. This is very useful to customers who don't have a smartphone.

How to apply for timiza loan by SMS. Actually, there is no timiza sms number. At the moment, customers use ussd code *848#

Timiza loan app

The second option is to use the popular timiza app.

To app for loans , you'll have to download Timiza App from play store and login. 

Before you can become a timiza customer, you'll be required to register or sign up via the ussd code*848# or via the timiza app.

If your loan limit is low, you can see How to Increase Your Timiza Loan Limit  and start getting large loan amounts just like other customers.

Why timiza loan is declined

Not all loan applications get approved. Some customers get zero 0 loan limit. Why? 

There are several reasons and here are some of the reasons why your timiza loan limit is 0;
  • If your M-Pesa line is less than six months old.
  • If you're underage
  • If you're blacklisted on CRB
  • If your Mpesa activities is low

How do I withdraw Timiza loan.

Approved loan amount is deposited to the customer's Timiza account.

For the customer to make use of the money, they need to withdraw the amount to M-Pesa. 

A customer can choose to use ussd code*848# or use the timiza app and ask to withdraw the money to your M-Pesa account.

Timiza loan withdrawal is instant. You'll get the money deposited to your M-Pesa provided all applicable charges are taken care of.

Timiza loan app download

How can one download Timiza loan app? The app is available for both android smartphone users and iPhone/iPad  users for iOS.

Go to Google play store or Apple Appstore and search for timiza. Once you see the app, download or install and sign up.

Is Timiza loan legit? 

Yes. Timiza is a legit lender licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).

It's also run by a legit lender - Absa Bank of Kenya.

Why Timiza loan?

This loan facility is standing out with its favorable features which include low interest rates and charges,large loan amounts and user friendly app.

You can always choose Timiza for quick short term personal loan needs. 

Timiza loan Contacts

You can get assistance from timiza via the following contacts including phone number and email address; 



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