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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

How To Get Electric Boda Boda - Through Loan

    March 03, 2021   No comments
UNEP electric motorcycles
UNEP Electric Boda Boda Launch 

Electric Boda Bodas are faster,quieter and doesn't emit any poisonous smoke as compared to the noisy, smoke emitting petroleum powered engine motorcycles.

Kenya has proved to have an excess of about 1000MW  according to KPLC  data. This is a good source of power for electric boda bodas which make the majority of all smoke emitting machines in the country. 

Currently, there are no electric motorcycles available for use to the the public. The ones available have been provided by UNEP to help Nairobi University and other institutions of higher learning do a thorough research on the feasibility of the bodas in Kenya. 

These electric motorcycles are made by Shenzhen, China.

How To Own Electric Motorcycle Through Loan 

Now that an electric motorcycle is the best, how can one get it - most probably through a loan?

Currently, there are 3 Motorbike Lenders in kenya who can help people especially those in the rural areas - where motorcycles are commonly used -  to own boda bodas through loans.

When the research will be over and Kenya feels ready to allow the Electric motorcycles in the country,  I highly expect that the same criteria used to give boda boda financing now will be used.

In addition to the current three lenders who have specialised in motorbike financing, I peay that the number increases to make the loan facility even more affordable due to alot of competition. 

How To Withdraw, Repay Money via Helb USSD Code

    March 03, 2021   1 comment


Helb USSD code *642#
Helb USSD Code *642#

New,continuing and graduated helb beneficiaries can now use the newly launched USSD code to access their funds or repay their loans conveniently over their mobile phones. 

Helb in partnership with Safaricom launched USSD code *642#, a better and quick way to disburse  funds to students both in University and in technical colleges (TVET)

How to Use HELB USSD Code *642#

Any helb beneficiaries with and active account will have access to his or her account via the USSD code. 

A student will simple input the code *642# to a mobile phone (either smartphone or feature phone). A menu of the services provided by the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) will be displayed.

At this point a student will select to transfer money to his M-Pesa account (phone number) for personal use or choose to repay a loan among other services. 

Helb Loan Repayment Via M-Pesa will now be easily done from within the USSD menus. Students can also Download Helb Loans App and access the same services easily too.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

PesaFlash Loan App - How to Download and Apply for Loans,Repay via Mpesa Paybill, Contacts

    February 27, 2021   10 comments
PesaFlash loan app

PesaFlash gives fast mobile loans direct to your mpesa account immediately after making an application through PesaFlash app.

PesaFlash Loans

The lender gives kes500 as the lowest loan amount and kes 50000 as the maximum loan limit.

Download And Apply Loans

Download PesaFlash app from play store, create your profile and apply for the loan.

Pay PesaFlash loan Via Mpesa 

You can pay the loan directly with the app or through mpesa menu as follows;

  • Go to mpesa menu 
  • Select Lipa na mpesa 
  • Select Paybill 
  • Enter business number 623333 (PesaFlash Paybill no.)
  • Enter loan amount 
  • Enter mpesa PIN 
  • Confirm 
  • Ok

PesaFlash Contacts 

Call / WhatsApp; 0768 028057

How To Contact Credit Hela - Mobile Phone Numbers

    February 27, 2021   2 comments
Credit Hela loans app
Credit Hela is a mobile money lender that provides quick loans via Mpesa to smartphone owners in Kenya via an app.

The digital lender gives loans ranging from ksh 1,500 to ksh 80,000 instantly via Mpesa after simply application.

Read ; How to Get Loans From Credit Hela

There is no paperwork or collateral needed. All you need is an android smartphone or tablet and a Safaricom line.

How to Contact Credit Hela Customer care 

Ir can happen that a customer or even someone who plans to be a customer may need to contact Credit Hela.

There are several reasons that can force someone to reach out to the lender.

One can call to confirm why loans are not disbursed, or why account is not responsive or ask how to repay a loan, or how to get a batch number or even how to cancel a loan request.

There are various ways to Contact Credit Hela Customer care desk for help as listed below;

Visit; Alpha Centre, Block 3, Mombasa Road, Nairobi.
  • Credit Hela mobile phone number / WhatsApp; 0110 895800
  • Credit Hela Landline; 0207650111
  • Email to ;
  • Facebook; CrediHela.KE

How To Add Wife Or Kids to NHIF Card

    February 27, 2021   No comments
How to add wife or kids to NHIF card
It's time to add dependants or beneficiaries to your NHIF card when you get married and or when you get children too.You can even  add more than one .

What's Needed 

To add a wife/spouse or kid to be your NHIF card beneficiary and get the necessary medical help when the unexpected happen, these are the official documents required;

  • Copy of your  ID card
  • Marriage Certificate or sworn affidavit from attorney, lawyer or magistrate's court 
  • Child birth certificate or a birth notification 

How To add beneficiaries to NHIF card

Visit NHIF branch or Huduma Centre, fill in and amendment form ,attach the above required documents and submit it. 

10 Best Loan Apps Post COVID-19

    February 27, 2021   No comments
Loan apps in Kenya

Before COVID-19 pandemic, loan apps were reliable lenders in the country with over a million  active customers.

When COVID-19 came, every business was affected and started slowly performing poor and loan apps were never spared.

Let's try and remember. Before 2019 ended there are loan apps Kenyans were praising for doing agood job.

Some apps offered bigger loans,others offered loan top ups and other offered longer repayment periods and it was commendable even the CBK was somehow comfortable with this.

We all highly hope that Coronavirus will go and life will go back to normal. When this happens, then here are the loan apps to check when it comes to looking for quick mobile loans through mpesa post COVID-19;

  1. Tala
  2. Branch International 
  3. Timiza 
  4. Zenka 
  5. Okash
  6. Opesa 
  7. Saida 
  8. Stawi 
  9. Stawika 
  10. Carbon

Timiza Loan App - How to Download and Apply for Loans, Repay via Mpesa Paybill, Contacts

    February 27, 2021   1 comment
Timiza Loan App

Timiza App by Barclays bank is designed to enable Kenyans to access Loans among other services like paying bills, airtime top up,buying insurance,forex and paying for Little Cab over Android smartphones and tablets.

Updated Feb,2020 : Timiza is now by Absa Bank Kenya

Allow me to give my experience with Timiza Loan App from Barclays Bank. As always my interest is in the 'loans feature '.

I learnt about Timiza like two months ago ( in March during the launch).As usual ,I tested it, the same way I did with Tala, Branch, Haraka,Shika, Afrikash and more ,because I wanted to share here on Loans Kenya Blog.The results were not okay for me.

Timiza was telling me 'No Account To Link ' and my loan limit was 'ZERO'.I quickly grouped this as one of those apps that require a linked bank account and savings like what most bank apps need.I therefore decided to leave it idle because I didn't have an account with Barclays.

Two months later (in May), today I decide to try Timiza app again and I was surprised!With nil savings and without linked bank account ,my loan limit was ksh16200 !

I decided to test the app again by requesting a loan of ksh 10000 , my first Timiza loan.Though it took two hours but it was credited to my Timiza virtual account.

Timiza App by Barclays loan approved

I can now confidently recommend Timiza Loan App to fellow Kenyans.This app truly gives out loans and you don't need to have an account with Barclays.The app will create a virtual account for you.

Getting Started with Timiza App.

All you need is to be 18 years and above,have an Mpesa account and an Android device (either a smartphone or tablet).

Now you're ready to go! 
If you don't get a loan limit right away, you can start saving with your virtual Timiza account or give it sometime like what I did.Just don't uninstall the app !

How to borrow from Timiza App  

Maximum Loan Amount to borrow from Timiza is 150000
  • Login to app
  • You'll get your loan limit displayed 
  • Select 'my loans'
  • Select 'Request loan '
  • Enter the amount you wish to borrow (never exceed the loan limit)
  • Select 'Continue '
Wait for a notification from Timiza.If approved ,your money will be in your Timiza account.You can move your money into your Mpesa account and withdraw it from Mpesa agents .

Check Timiza interest rate and fees below;

How to Repay Timiza Loan

  • Login to the app
  • Select 'My loans '
  • Select 'Repay loan'
  • You choose to repay in full or partial 
  • You can also choose to repay with Timiza or Mpesa 
  • Enter transaction pin ( your Timiza PIN )
  • And continue 
If you choose Mpesa and the pop up fails, kindly repay using Barclays Timiza paybill number 300067.
  • Go to Mpesa 
  • Select Paybill 
  • Enter business number 300067
  • For account number enter your phone number 
  • Amount (enter the loan amount you wish to repay)
  • Enter Mpesa PIN
  • Submit 
Wait for a notification from Timiza.
In case you repay more than the loan due, your excess money will be credited to your Timiza account. 
You can also visit any Barclays bank branch to repay the loan. 

How to Contact Timiza Help Center 

If you encounter any issues with the app, you can always use the ways below to seek for help;
  • Call; 020 3900000
  • Call;0732 130120
  • Call;0722 130120
  • Email;