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Saturday, January 23, 2021

4 Quick Loan Apps for the Employed

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Are you employed and looking for quick salary advance?Are there quick loans for employed individuals in kenya?Where can I get fast loan apps for employees? Loans Kenya  did the research and came up with the right answers.

In the lending business in kenya,there are quick credit apps that can give loans to all kenyan borrowers with a good percent of trustworthiness thus named 'trust based loan apps'. These may include Branch,Tala and Saida.However ,the amount loaned is quite small and the rate at which borrowers are disapproved is high.The employed in kenya enjoying employer back up need special consideration.

Read more about Branch,Tala and Saida loan apps.

The following lenders developed apps that only caters for credit needs for the employed individuals in kenya.If you can't integrate your employer details in the app,please enquire for the same from your employer.

1. Salohub

Salohub provides the quickest salary advance loans in kenya accessible over a mobile phone.


Visit Salohub

2. Shield Finance 

Shield finance is a payday lending company that advances loans to employees of companies and the government. The involvement of an employer is a must to use this service.

Read more about Shield Finance.

Employed loan apps kenya

Steps to using the app 

  • Search for Shield finance app on Google Play store
  • Download and instal the app
  • Register your account
  • Select your company and add your company given email address
  • Finally apply for a loan

3. Micromobile Ltd 

Micromobile limited gives loans to employes of the private and government sectors whos employers have signed a MoU with.The loan limit is a third of the gross salary but not exceeding kes100000

Read more about Micromobile Ltd

Micromobile kenya loans app

Steps to using the Micromobile app 

  • Go to Google Play store 
  • Search for Micromobile app
  • Download and instal  the app
  • Open a micromobile  account
  • Access short term loans

4. Getbucks Kenya 

Getbucks is a salary advance lender in kenya.Its a member of the world's famous online lender 'My bucks'.Getbucks service is available to employees of companies or the government earning over kes15000 per month.Employer must be involved.The loan amount borrowed depends on the borrower's credit score.

Read more about Getbucks Kenya

Get bucks loan app in kenya

Steps to using getbucks kenya app 

  • Visit Google Play store
  • Search for getbucks
  • Download and instal the app
  • Open a getbucks online account
  • Start applying for loans.

9 Popular Loan Apps This Month - They Give Loans Easily

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We all know how January or rather Njanuary is tough financially after spending and overspending during the past December festive season.

We most probably all are looking for some financial backup from lenders to support paying our bills and or paying school fees.

I got you! In this post I will expose the fast mobile loan lenders your fellow Kenyans have been using this January and you didn't know!

Here are the lenders who are popular this month. Reason? Most borrowers are getting approved and its happening fast.

Popular loan apps this month in Kenya

Tala and Branch

These are the oldest or simply the pioneers of the loan apps game.They just have enough money to give .

Try Tala App Now

Try Branch International App Now

Zenka ,Okash , Zash and iPesa

These apps are actively promoting their services meaning they have the money to offer.

Try Zenka App Now

Try Okash App Now

Try Zash App Now

Try iPesa App Now

KCB app and Equity Eazzy Banking app

These are the most stable lenders in kenya. Money is not a problem to them.

Try KCB App

Try Eazzy Banking App


Their unique approach is making aspira popular. They'll give you the goods you want then pay later in instalments.
Try Aspira Now

Tala and Branch Compared - Which is the Best

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Tala and Branch

Tala and Branch are the oldest of all loan apps in the mobile lending market in Kenya and in the whole world too.

So many people have been asking this question. Which is the best between Tala and Branch? What do you think Is Tala the best or is Branch the best?

It is not an easy question. All the apps have the best colours, have stable app systems, have a good user interface, are secure and provide quick loans too.

In this post, because am helping borrowers know which of the two loan apps might be the best, I'll focus on the loan aspect and try to compare the two lenders;

 Loan Apps
 Loan Amount 
 Repayment Duration 
 Interest Rate 
 Other Charges 
 max ksh 30,000
 30 days (1month)
 max 19.25 %
 late fees 
 max ksh 70,000
 up to 336 days (1 year)
 max 20 %
 No late fees, 
No rollover fees

From the Table above ,you can try and choose the app you feel comfortable with and can approach for a loan.

7 Reliable Loan Apps This Coronavirus Pandemic

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Loan apps Kenya

We were used to getting quick mobile loans from the digital lenders available in the country but due to Coronavirus outbreak, this is not the case now.

Most loan apps have either stopped giving loans or reduced the loan amount greatly. And it's not emergency anymore. For lenders like Tala ,it can take up to 10 days before receiving a loan.

Following the recent directive by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) that loan apps and other digital lenders not to blacklist defaulters, it is likely that most of these lenders will go out of business.

Luckily though, some of  the loan apps are just digital platforms owned by strong and licensed commercial banks.This means they were less shaken by the COVID-19 negative effects and never affected by the CBK  directive. These are the apps going to be reliable during this time.

Loan Apps, Digital Lenders That Will Survive Corona Impact 


Timiza is a digital loan platform by Absa Bank Kenya
Check Timiza loan app


This is a loan platform by KCB.
Check VOOMA loan app

3.HF Whizz 

This is a loan app by Housing Finance.
Check HF Whizz loan app


This is a mobile loan platform by Family Bank of  Kenya
Check PesaPap loan app


This is a business loan mobile platform by the Kenyan government in collaboration with 5 major banks in Kenya.
Check Stawi loan app


This is a digital money platform by Safaricom and NCBA Bank


This is a digital money platform by Safaricom and KCB.