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Friday, May 07, 2021

Oh Cash Loan App - How to Download, Apply For Loans, Repay Via M-Pesa,Contacts

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Oh Cash loan app

Oh Cash is a personal mobile loans app in Kenya providing fast credit solutions to android smartphone users. Tha app is managed by Onyeka.

Oh Cash Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits 

This lender provides fast loans ranging from kes 5,000 to kes 20,000 . The loans are disbursed directly to the borrower's M-Pesa wallet. 

Oh Cash charges an interest rate to the equivalent of 24% APR

Note this app asks for some registration fees before one can proceed to apply for loans. If you're comfortable with that ,you can proceed

To start accessing loans from this lender, Download Oh Cash App from Google play store. 

How to Repay Oh Cash Loans

The shortest repayment period for Oh Cash loans is 3 months while the highest is 12 months.

When loan repayment is due, customers pay loans within the app without using Oh Cash Mpesa Paybill number. 

How To Contact Oh Cash

There are no mobile phone numbers at the moment but you can reach out to Oh Cash customer care through the ways below;

  • Email to ; 
  • Visit Address: No.02 Room, 12 Floor, in FCB building, in Nairobi, in Kenya

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Nodcredit App 🇳🇬 - How To Apply For Quick Loans and Contacts

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NodCredit loan app Nigeria

NodCredit is one of the fast Cash money lenders in Nigeria providing loans via mobile apps. The app is managed by NodCredit. 

NodCredit Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits 

This mobile money microfinance gives loans from Naira 10,000 to Naira 50,000 to first time applicants. Repeat customers can get up to N300,000 instantly. 

NodCredit charges an  interest of between 1% and 16% per month. 

The loans are available to Nigerians in employment and even those in self employment with a BVN and a bank account. 

To start borrowing from this lender , Download NodCredit app and create your account.

How to Pay NodCredit Loan 

The loans here are repaid after a period of between 62 days up to 180 days depending on the amount borrowed. 

How to Contact NodCredit 

If you need help you can contact NodCredit customer Care via the following ways ; 

  • Facebook:

  • Twitter:


  • Website:

  • Visit Address:10a Iweanya Ugbogoh Crescent Lekki Phase I, Lagos. Nigeria

QuickCheck App 🇳🇬 - How To Apply For Quick Personal Loans,and Contacts

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QuickCheck Loan App Nigeria

QuickCheck App provides instant personal loans in Nigeria to those with android smartphones. The app is managed by Get Loans. 

QuickCheck Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits 

The loans here are collateral free and available to only those with android phone devices. 

Loans range from N1,500 to N500,000. First time applicants can get loans only up to a maximum of N200,000.

QuickCheck charges between 2% to 30% as interest rate per year. 

To begin accessing loans Download QuickCheck app on Google play store and create your account. 

How To Repay QuickCheck loans

The mobile lender's loans can be repaid after 91 days up to 1 year depending on the amount borrowed and the customer's credit score. 

Early loan payment increases the chances of getting a higher loans limit for the next loan.

How To Contact QuickCheck 

Customers or anyone looking for help can reach out to the QuickCheck customer care via the following ways; 

  • Email to
  • Instagram and Twitter ; @quickcheckng 
  • QuickCheck Nigeria on LinkedIn,
  • QuickCheck on Facebook.
  • You can also visit QuickCheck website –

Sunday, May 02, 2021

How To Get HELB Loan Overpayment Refund

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Helb Loan refund

How can I get a refund for overpaying my Helb loan? Is my Helb loan excess payment lost? These are some of the questions some of the former beneficiaries of the HELB loans ask.

Helb loan overpayment happens especially when an employer is involved in making the Helb loan deductions from employees salaries. It's the easiest and most effective way recommended by Helb as it ensures no beneficiary escapes loan repayment. 

There are other ways though of making your Helb loan repayment. These include; 

How to Get Helb Loan Refund 

Now when overpayment occurs, it's your right to claim what was paid as excess. Note that the refund will be from Helb and not your employer.

There are two ways to claim your money from Helb;

1. Visit Helb Offices at the Anniversary Towers in Nairobi 

When you visit the offices Helb officials will assist you on how to get a refund of the overpayment. The office is situated at the 9th floor, Anniversary Towers, University Way ,Nairobi. 

2. Apply For Helb Loan Refund Online 

Here are the steps to follow;
  • You'll have to Download Helb Loan Recovery Enquiry form 
  • Fill the form appropriately. 
  • Get your bank details especially from your ATM.
  • Scan both your ATM and filled in Helb Loan Recovery form
  • Prepare an email asking for a refund and attach the scanned copies 
  • Send to

After send your email to Helb, you'll have to wait for sometime to receive the refund. It can take 60 days or more.

Saturday, May 01, 2021

TransUnion Nipashe App - Download and Check CRB Status

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TransUnion Nipashe App

 TransUnion Nipashe app is an online platform managed by TransUnion CRB Africa, and serves as a fast way to access CRB matters. 

With this app, one can do the following activities among others anywhere, anytime;

  • Create a TransUnion CRB account 
  • Check CRB status 
  • Check CRB score 
  • Access CRB report 
  • Access a CRB Clearance Certificate 
The convenience is what makes using the Nipashe app the most smart move anyone can take right now. 

How To Use TransUnion Nipashe App

All you need to do is to Download TransUnion Nipashe App from Google play store and  create your account. 

TransUnion is one of the most established Reference Bureaus in Kenya together with Metropol CRB. 

How To Contact TransUnion Nipashe  Customer Care

In case you need further assistance or have any queries concerning the app ,these are the contacts to reach out to ;
  • 020 7603700
  • 020 7603701
  • 0742258478
  • 0768617074
  • 0768253748
  • 0768262495

Safaricom Investment Co-operative (SIC) - How To Join and Contacts

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Safaricom Investment Cooperative (SIC)

Safaricom Investment Cooperative (SIC) is a registered co-operative society (chama) which serves both Safaricom PLC employees and the public in general. 

How to join SIC 

Anyone who like to put his or her money to work can invest with Safaricom Investment Cooperative. The Sacco have been benefiting Kenyans with the following;

  • Safaricom Investment Cooperative dividends given out to members 
  • Safaricom Investment Cooperative Jobs
  • Safaricom Investment Affordable Houses 
  • Safaricom Investment Cooperative Affordable Land
The chama is known to be a big player in the real estate industry with various successful modern housing projects around Kenya for example ;
  • The Pearl In Naivasha
  • Chumvi In Machakos 
  • Juja Peak In Kiambu
  • Bluebells Apartments 
  • Kimuka Ngong
  • Melvin Apartments 
  • Kijani Plains Katani
  • Kitisuru Gardens Village 
  • Acacia Phase 2
SIC also invests in ;
  • Private Equity 
  • Quited Securities 
  • Agribusiness 
To join and start earning dividends as a member of this cooperative society, you can reach out to the below contacts;

How To Contact Safaricom Investment Cooperative (SIC)
To get help from the customer care,kindly use the following;

For Shares ,Membership and General enquiries,
  • Call 0709 194 100
  • Call 0709 194 101
  • Email to
  • Email for general enquiries to
For  Sales enquiries,
  • Call 0794 018165
  • Call 0799 214515
  • Call 0746 738426
  • Call 0707 946502
Visit SIC Headquarters at  Westcom Point Building, 4th Floor, Opposite Safaricom Headquarters, Westlands,Nairobi, Kenya. 

Friday, April 30, 2021


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 KCB being the biggest bank in Kenya has also the biggest and strong mobile banking system which serves millions of customers each month.

Dubbed KCB MOBI-BANK, the system makes customers access a variety of services with easy avoiding the long queues at the banking halls. The services include but not limited to ; 

  • Account opening 
  • Balance enquiry 
  • Loan Application 
  • Paying Bills
In addition to KCB Mobi which is strictly for the bank's customers, there's also VOOMA another online platform for the whole public.

How To Contact KCB MOBI-BANK Customer Care

If you are experiencing any difficulties with using KCB Mobi services, the lender has dedicated contacts to reach out to for help. The contacts are listed below;

You can also check the KCB General Contacts here 

KCB Mobile Banking Contacts 
  • Call/WhatsApp; 0711087087
  • SMS to ; 22522
  • Email to ;