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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Momentum Credit

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Momentum Credit Limited

Momentum Credit is a Kenyan registered company that aims at providing credit and other financial solutions to both unbanked and underserved individuals and SMEs.

Products By Momentum 

The company provides the following financial solutions ;

  • Cheque discounting 
  • Bid bonds
  • Invoice discounting 
  • Logbook loans
  • Advance payment guarantee 
  • Invoice factoring

Contact Momentum Credit 

International House 9th for,
Mama Ngina Street,

Call;  0709 434 000 or 0796 444 555 or 0787 444 555

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Watu Credit Limited

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Watu Credit Limited in Kenya

Watu Credit is a Kenyan registered credit-only microfinance that is growing very fast with branches in almost all major towns nationwide.

Loan Products 

This lender is most famous for its boda boda loans (motorbike loans) under asset finance. Borrowers get up to 75% financing and the motorcycle serves as security for the loan.

Other loans include;

  • Short term loan available to women in groups
  • Mobile Loan Facility available to former and current clients.

Contact Watu Credit 

In Mombasa (HQ)

1st floor Avenue Plaza,Nyali
Call;0790000999 or 0709739000

Mombasa Sales Office

Mbaraka Rd,Pearl Arcade,
Building No 4 (Opp Likoni Tower Apartments)
Call;0711522522 or 0742957893

In Malindi 

Along Malindi- Mombasa Rd
(Opp Malindi Methodist Primary Sch)
Call;0714398908 or 0790989650

In Nairobi 

Vision Plaza,Mombasa Rd,
Ground Floor,Office 5
Call; 0727563435 or 0702000555

In Nakuru

At Abson Motors Limited, 
Biashara Street (Opp Hotel Edllane)
Call;0702111555 or 0799383355

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

mKey Loan App

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mKey keyboard and loans app

mKey app by Finserve brings both lifestyle and financial services under one interface on a smartphone. Allow me to call this 'mKey Loan App' and you'll know why later.

With mKey app , you have a keyboard with yetumojis.You can send money several mobile wallets including Mpesa, Equitel money and Airtel money. You can buy airtime for Safaricom/Equitel/Airtel/ Telkom/ Faiba.You can buy goods or pay bills. You can read news. You can get loans among other services.

As always been, am much interested in the 'Get Loan' part of it.The same way I  did with Tala,Branch ,Timiza, hf whizz and other loan apps, I also tried mKey Loans.

Getting Started with mKey app

  • You'll have to download mKey app ,
  • Create you account using either Google or Facebook 
  • Make mKey your default keyboard 
  • Confirm your phone number
  • Create your passcode  

And your account is live!

Borrowing mKey Loan

  • Open mKey app
  • Select 'Get Loan'
  • Complete the rest of the steps
I was not lucky to be awarded a loan right away. Next time I get approved , I'll update this section for all.
Information from the official mKey launch say loans range from kes300 to kes100000. From the app I saw ksh 400 to a maximum of ksh50000

If you already received a loan from mKey kindly throw in your experience in comments below.

How to Repay mKey loan

I did not get approved for a loan but i wabted to know how can one repay. I contacted mKey team for this and here is their reply;

Hi there, I hope you are having a good morning, if you are having an mkey loan and want to pay,please follow the procedure below:
  • On the mKey progressive pages move to loan section,
  • Choose on the pay loan icon,
  • Depending on whether you want to pay partly or clear loan select on either of the icons.
-From mkey keyboard choose on pay loan and follow the above procedure.

Great !

How to deposit to mKey

I tried this feature too because I thought I could be given a loan after saving some money here.Unfortunately it never worked for me here. I remember it worked with hf whizz though sometime back.

Just choose the source to deposit to mKey account from, either EazzyBanking,Equitel, Mpesa or Equity Agent

From Equitel

1. Go to your Equitel SIM menu on your phone and select My Money
2. Select Eazzy Pay
3. Select Pay bill
4. Select account to deposit from
5. Enter Business Number 778588
6. Enter your mKey mobile number as account number
7. Enter amount
8. Enter your Equitel PIN and complete the transaction on your phone

From EazzyBanking

1. Log in to your Eazzy Banking app and select the account you want to deposit from
2. Tap on the '+' icon on the bottom right of your screen and select EazzyPay
3. Select Pay Bill
4. Search or enter pay bill number 778588
5. Enter your mKey mobile number as account number
6. Enter amount
7. Confirm and complete the transaction

From Mpesa

1. Go to your MPESA SIM menu on your phone and select Lipa na M-PESA
2. Select Pay Bill
3. Enter Business Number 778588 (Finserve Africa Limited Paybill number)
4. Enter mKey mobile number as account number
5. Enter amount
6. Enter your M-PESA PIN and complete the transaction on your phone

From Equity Agent

1. Visit your nearest Equity Bank agent
2. Tell agent you want to deposit to your mKey account
3. Provide mKey mobile number
4. Hand over cash to agent.

How to Withdraw from mKey account

  • Open mKey app
  • Select 'Send to mobile'
  • Select Equitel,Mpesa or Airtel money
  • And or input the recepient phone number
  • Enter amount to transfer
  • Confirm the details
  • Send
You or the recepient will get a message from Finserve Mkey about the transaction. I used mpesa and got mine. 

How to Contact mKey Help Team

From within the app you live chat,send an email  or call the team.Just click on the question mark at the top right hand corner within the app.

From outside (not within the app), you can;
Call; 0766000100
Email ;

Thursday, August 02, 2018

HF Whizz First Loan App For iOS Users

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HF Whizz Loan App Kenya for iOS
@HFgroupKE Whizz App 

Housing Finance Corporation (HFC) becomes first to allow iOS device users to experience the world of loan apps after crafting both Android and iOS versions of Whizz App launched recently.

I understand there are iOS versions for most banking apps like Eazzy app, Sc Mobile, Mfukoni app, KCBMobile,PesaPap,NatMobile  ,BOA mobile just to mention a few.However ,what you should notice though is that with all banking apps, you MUST be a customer to the bank with an active account which will be linked to the app for you to enjoy the services.

For the majority of popular apps like Branch,Tala, Timiza, Saida,Haraka which are available for use to anyone with a smartphone are crafted for Android device users only.
Whizz is different by being also available to iPhone, iPad and iPod users.

Download Whizz App from App Store

I understand, the population of iOS users is somehow low in Kenya but HF atleast gave a chance to the guys to also taste how it feels to get a loan instantly ,anywhere ,anytime  by just opening an app from their smartphones.