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Monday, June 14, 2021

New Loan Apps In Kenya 2021

    June 14, 2021   No comments
New loan apps Kenya

 Most borrowers are not aware of the new loan apps in Kenya. In this article I will list the most recently launched loan apps providing fast mobile loans via M-Pesa. 

For years people have been using popular loan apps like Tala, Branch International, Timiza, Haraka,Saida loan app, Okash, Opesa, PesaFlash, FlashPesa, Zenka loan app just to mention but a few. Today there are a number of new apps which are also providing quick personal loans in Kenya. 

The new loan apps are not much different from the old one. The loan amounts are an average of between kes 1000 and kes 50,000 while the repayment period is also around one month to a year .

As usual, to start accessing loans from the apps you'll need to download the loan apps create your account using your Safaricom number which must have an active Mpesa account. 

There have been and still even among the new loan apps, some apps may ask for some fees upfront in the name of registration fees, appraisal fees, facilitation fees, KYC fees, CRB fees and more.  My advice still remains : never pay any fees online to get loans unless you're comfortable to do that.

New Online Loan Apps In Kenya 

The list can be very long and I can't exhaust it, but these are lucky one which I came across on Google play store. I made reviews about these loan apps already.  You can search for the apps on this website Loans Kenya 

  1. MyKes loan app
  2. Coopesa loan app
  3. OhCash loan app
  4. CreditPro loan app
  5. MoreKash loan app
  6. Apesa loan app 
  7. MiniKash loan app
  8. LendPlus loan app
  9. KashPlus loan app
  10. Tallah Plus loan
  11. Air Credit loan app
  12. Kashbean loan app
  13. Ahili loan app 
  14. Cashways loan app
  15. LoanPesa loan App

Friday, June 11, 2021

Okash Calling Contacts

    June 11, 2021   No comments

Okash loan app


The Okash calling Contact is phone number 020 765 9988 which customers can use to reach out to the lender fast via mobile phones.

Okash Calling Contacts

020 7659988

Okash Loan App is one of the most popular loan apps which have been providing fast mobile loans through Mpesa for years now.

The lender can give up to ksh 50,000 instantly to the most qualified borrowers via M-Pesa. 

Those from Nigeria can check Okash Nigeria Contacts now

Okash Contacts 

Whenever a customer or anyone from the public may need help from Okash, he or she can use the following contacts to reach out to the help desk ; 

Okash Phone Calling Number 

  • 020 7659988

Okash WhatsApp number 

  • 0758705742

Okash Email Address 


Thursday, June 10, 2021

LoanPesa App - How To Download, Apply For Loans,Repay Via M-Pesa, Contacts

    June 10, 2021   No comments
LoanPesa loan app

 LoanPesa App is a safe credit lending platform providing fast loans to Kenyans via Mpesa. 

LoanPesa Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits 

The app provides loans ranging from kes 3000 to a maximum of kes 50,000 to the most qualified borrowers. 

Loan Pesa charges an interest rate of between 5% to 36% per year (APR). In addition the lender also charges origination fees ranging from ksh 100 to ksh 3882 one time fee.

To start enjoying loans you need to Download LoanPesa App from Google play store and create your account. 

How to Repay LoanPesa loans

The repayment period for LoanPesa loans is from 91 days which is the shortest duration and up to 365 days (1 year).

To pay your Loan Pesa loans, you simple open the app and pay from within the app without using LoanPesa Mpesa Paybill number. 

How to Contact LoanPesa 

To get help from LoanPesa customer Care, you can use the following contacts below. There are no Loan Pesa mobile phone numbers at the moment though.; 

LoanPesa Email Address 


Wednesday, June 09, 2021

3 Best Boda Boda Motorbike Logbook Loan Providers In Kenya

    June 09, 2021   No comments


Boda boda Logbook loans

Can I get a boda boda logbook loan? Which lenders provide Motorbike logbook loans in Kenya. 

Just like a car logbook, a boda boda motorcycle logbook can also be used to secure a loan from some lenders in the a market. 

Depending on the value of the motorbike, most of the lender will give up to 80% the current value of the boda boda. For example a boda valued at ksh 100,000 can help the owner get up to ksh 80,000 as loan.

Its unfortunate though that despite having a large number motorbikes spread all over the country, most lenders don't like considering these as the perfect collateral against loans.

In this article am going to list the few lender who can actually accept boda boda as security to get loans in Kenya. In addition to the motorbike logbook, these lenders may ask for a guarantor.

3 Lenders Providing Loans Against Boda Boda Logbooks In Kenya 

These are the lenders currently providing fast boda boda logbook loans;

1. Mogo Kenya 

Call 0768 469 112

2. Diversity MicroCredit 

Call 0730 020 000

3. Kopesha

Call 0743 350 085

Best Instant Loan Apps In Kenya

    June 09, 2021   No comments
Best Instant Loan Apps

Loan apps have been around for years now providing quick mobile money loans to most of the unbanked community in the country. The question is which is the best instant loan app to get fast mobile loans in Kenya?

The number of mobile loan apps have been increasing day by day bringing competition to a desired level where customers started enjoying the best and friendly services. No app wanted to be pushed  out of the market due to competition. 

Among the loan apps ,there are the best online quick loan app, the worst loan apps  and loan apps without CRB check. 

In this article, am going to point out the best fast loan apps in Kenya. I have been trying the app for years now and I can confidently point out the best.

Top 10 Best Loan Apps In Kenya 

There are several factors I considered before coming up with this list. Some of these are ; device compatibility, CRB check, loan limits, how easy is the registration process, how much details are needed among other factors. 

With these factors in consideration, these are the best loan lending apps in Kenya;

  1. Branch International Loan App
  2. Tala Loan App
  3. Timiza Loan App
  4. Haraka Loan App
  5. Shika Loan App
  6. Okash Loan App
  7. Zenka Loan App
  8. Credit Hela Loan App
  9. KashWay Loan App
  10. Saida Loan App

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

I&M Bank Paybill Number

    June 08, 2021   No comments


I&M Bank Kenya

I&M Bank Mpesa Paybill number is 542542 and it the no. which connects the bank to Safaricom's Mpesa services. 

I&M Bank M-Pesa Paybill No.


This Paybill number is very important when it comes to sending money from Mpesa to the bank. 

How to Deposit Money to I&M Bank Account from Mpesa 

Using the I&M Bank mpesa Paybill no. 542542, one can deposit Cash into an I&M Bank account. A person can choose to send money to his/her account or even to another person's I&M Bank account. 

Here is the process;

  • Go to Mpesa menu 
  • Select Lipa Na Mpesa 
  • Select Paybill 
  • Enter business number 542542 (I&M Bank Paybill)
  • Enter the I&M Bank account you wish to deposit Cash to.
  • Enter amount you intend to send to the bank account. 
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN 
  • Confirm and submit. 
After successful send the money ,you'll get an Mpesa message confirming the same. If the bank account is yours and connected to your number, you'll also get a deposit alert.

Ahili Loan App - How to Download, Apply For Loans, Repay via Mpesa, Contacts

    June 08, 2021   No comments


Ahili Loan App

Ahili app is a platform where Kenyans can apply for quick mobile loans. The money is disbursed instantly to the applicants Mpesa account. The app is managed by Ahili Enterprises. 

Ahili Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits 

The mobile money lender gives loans from kes 500 all the way up to kes 150,000 . The most qualified borrowers get the highest amount. 

The interest rates charged by Ahili is 24% (APR).

Note ; The app asks for registration fees according to the reviews on Google play store. Proceed only if you're comfortable with that.

To start enjoying loan from this micro lender you'll need to Download Ahili Loan app from Google play store and create your account. 

How to Repay Ahili Loans.

The repayment period for ahili loans is between 91 days and 365 days. Payment of loans is done from within the app without using Ahili Paybill number. 

How to Contact Ahili Customer Care.

You can reach out to Ahili help desk via the following contacts;

Ahili Mobile phone number 

  • 0788972981
Ahili Email Address