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Thursday, April 08, 2021

Bima Tap *287# - How To Buy Insurance From Directline Assurance on Mobile Phone

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Bima Tap from Directline assurance
Bima Tap from Directline Assurance 

 Directline is one of the best vehicle Insurance companies in Kenya providing a variety of policies and covers for both public and private car owners. 

Bima Tap Directline Third Party Policy 

Directline has a digital and the fastest way to buy third party insurance cover for private vehicles.

The product dubbed Bima Tap is accessible via USSD code *287# making it the fastest and most accessible insurance cover to private car owners.

How to Buy Bima Tap Cover from Directline Assurance 

Here are the easiest steps to get your private vehicle a third party cover for 30 days at only kes 1,000;

  • Dial *287# on your mobile phone 
  • Enter your car registration number 
  • Enter your email address 
  • Pay kes 1,000
After successful buying your cover the sticker will be available for collection at any Total Filing Station.

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

7UpKash Loan App - How To Download, Apply For Loans,Repay via M-Pesa, Contacts

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7UpKash loan app

 7UpKash is a fast and reliable loan app which provides quick mobile loans via Mpesa. The app is managed by UpKash.

7UpKash loans

The mobile lender provides loans ranging from kes 500 to kes 50,000 instantly. 

7UpKash charges no interest rate or service fee. The only charge is a processing fee which is between 9% and 30% of the amount borrowed. 

How To Borrow Loans 

Before taking loans from UpKash you'll have to Download 7UpKash loan app from Google play store, create your account, receive a loan limit and then apply. 

7UpKash loans are available to Kenyans of the ages between 20 and 55 years.

How to Repay 7UpKash loans

When the loan repayment date is due for example after 91 days, a borrower can repay from within the app without using an Mpesa Paybill number. 

How to Contact 7UpKash 

Though there are no mobile phone numbers at the moment ,you can still reach out to UpKash customer Care through the following Contacts;

  • Visit offices at 7upKash Finance Limited ,River Tower B, 16th floor,Nairobi

  • Email to ; service @7upkash.com

Mkopo Haraka App - How To Apply for Loans,Repay via M-Pesa, Contacts

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Mkopo Haraka app

Mkopo Haraka is an android app that is available for download on Google play store. The app is managed by Quotes Hub.

Mkopo Haraka loans

The app is among the many digital lenders which provide loans via M-Pesa to smartphone users in Kenya. 

But before you can proceed ,most reviewers on Google play store claim that the app asks for some fee. The app also displays ads. If you're comfortable with these ,these you can proceed .

Mkopo Haraka

Those interested can get loans between kes500 to kes 60,000 in minutes. The repayment period is between 60days and 180days.

Mkopo Haraka loans are charged an interest rate of 12%.

To get started, you can download Mkopo Haraka app from play store now. 

How to repay Mkopo Haraka loans 

After 60 days or 180 days, according to the amount borrowed, your loan will be due. Repayment is done from within the app without using a Mpesa Paybill number.

How to Contact Mkopo Haraka 

Currently, to Contact Mkopo Haraka, just write a message within the app. This applies to only existing customers. 

There are no mobile phone numbers, email addresses at the moment.

You can check Mkopo Haraka Facebook Page

Saturday, April 03, 2021

4 Banks That have Mobile Loan Apps

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Absa Bank Kenya MD Jeremy Awori
Absa Bank Kenya MD, Jeremy Awori 

It all started with Tala ( started as Mkopo Rahisi) then Branch International came in. Thereafter , since ,there have been a season of loan app proliferation.

Kenyan commercial banks were reluctant to jump in until when customers were almost totally shying away from approaching them for small unsecured loans.

At this time Mshwari and KCBMPesa were already operational but were not popular with the only reason being that you were to save money with them first before you could get a loan.

The unsecured mobile loans provided through mobile apps were trust based.This made Mshwari and KCBMPesa become trust based too.

3 Banks with Loan Apps 

Loan apps by banks

The loan apps game became so popular with most kenyans that some banks came up with their own backed apps.

Because these apps were backed by strong lenders ,they started on a high note by giving large amounts with big maximum loan limits. Check the list below;

Housing Finance Corporation (HFC)

Prominent mortgage solutions provider in kenya HFC came up with the HF Whizz App.
Check HF Whizz Loan app now

Absa Bank Kenya 

This lender came up with Timiza app
Check TImiza Loan App now

Family Bank of Kenya

Family bank decided to change their terms and started giving trust based loans through PesaPap.
Check PesaPap Loan App now

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)
KCB is the latest to produce a loan app. Their loan app is called Vooma.
Check Vooma Loan App now

How To Easily Increase Eazzy Loan Limit

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Equity Bank Kenya

Eazzy loan is available to Equity Bank customers with six months or more active bank accounts.

Equity gives a minimum of kes100 as Eazzy loan .The maximum loan limit is dependent on your bank account situation. A good standing account will attract a bigger loan limit while a poor standing account will get a small or even zero loan limit.

We all need big loans because we normally want to do bigger things in life.For that reason, I'll share how one can Increase his/her Eazzy loan limit to big loans.

How To Easily Increase Eazzy Loan Limit 

First, as I said earlier, you must have a bank account with Equity Bank. Then check these hacks to get that big loan;

  • Transact regularly with your Equity Bank account 
  • Save more and more 
  • If you have a salary, channel it through your Equity bank account 
  • If eligible for Eazzy loan, take it never leave it stay idle.
  • Repay your Eazzy loans early .
Try these easy steps to easily get your Eazzy loan limit raised. 

3 Safaricom Mpesa Loans

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'Safaricom Mpesa Loans' is a popular search phrase among Kenyans nowadays on Google if you are observant. I have received numerous calls from my blog readers asking for the same.Maybe Safaricom should do something about it.

The real situation is ,Kenyans are like they expect to wake up one morning and get an SMS from safaricom Limited saying 'Dear Subscriber,you can now Okoa Mpesa up to kes50000!Check your new Mpesa Menu'.Sounds good.If it worked and still works for okoa jahazi,okoa bundles ,why not okoa Mpesa?

If you are among the people looking for safaricom Mpesa loans,then continue reading this post.Safaricom have not yet engaged itself to the business of giving out loans.Safaricom's Mpesa platform however,is being used by lenders to send money to borrowers and to receive money from borrowers.Just that!

The most popular lenders using the Mpesa platform to give out loans are the 'trust based' mobile loan apps including Tala Kenya,Branch International,Haraka loan app and Saida loan app.

Read more about mobile loan apps in Kenya.

Update ; 
Apart from the loans listed below, Safaricom Launched Fuliza Mpesa Loans. Check how to apply for Fuliza Mpesa loans now.

To share on the costs incurred, safaricom went into business partnerships with Commercial Bank of Africa(CBA) to provide Mshwari and Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) to provide KCB Mpesa .

M-shwari and KCB Mpesa provide savings and lending services to all Safaricom subscribers. The services are accessible through the subscriber menu and now Safaricom App by selecting "Loans and Savings". Note that before you can borrow,one must save money for sometime.

How to borrow from KCB Mpesa


  • Go to Mpesa
  • Select Loans and Savings
  • Select KCB Mpesa
  • Select Loan
  • Select Request Loan
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter period (in months)
  • Enter Mpesa PIN
  • Select OK
You can also dial USSD code *844# and follow the prompts or download the KCB mobile banking app and apply for loans.

How to borrow from M-shwari

  • Go to Mpesa 
  • Select Loans and Savings
  • Select M-shwari
  • Select Loan
  • Select Request Loan
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter PIN
  • Select OK

Now if you have the new my Safaricom app, you can select "Mpesa" and then "Loans and Savings" and proceed to choose M-shwari or KCB Mpesa.

Thank you and share.

How To Repay Platinum Credit Limited Loans Via M-Pesa or Bank

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Platinum Credit Limited Mpesa Paybill Number 810902

 Platinum Credit Limited (PCL) is a very popular and helpful Credit-Only microfinance company which is providing the fastest loans in Kenya. 

For years now many Kenyans especially Civil Servants have been accessing PCL's quick  financial solutions, helping them in solving money emergencies like paying school fees,paying  medical bills and other issues including growing profitable small businesses ( side hustles).

Traditionally borrowers were required to make repayments  via the microfinance's bank account. But did you know that this lender now has a very easy way to make your loan repayments too via M-Pesa?

How to Repay PCL Loans Via Bank Account 

If you borrowed money from Platinum Credit, the repayment was to be done via the lender's bank account only. This is still a valid way to make loan repayments. 

You can deposit cash, cheque or bankers cheque into the Platinum Credit Limited's Cooperative Bank ( Kimathi Street Branch )  account number  01136081619501. You can also do an electrionic money transfer to the same account to settle your loan.

How To Repay PCL Loans via M-Pesa Paybill Number 

Since the introduction of USSD Loans, PCL recommends that borrowers make loan repayments via M-Pesa Paybill no.

You can read more about Platinu Credit Limited USSD Loans now but below are the examples of the same . 

These loans are disbursed via M-Pesa by PCL to the approved borrower. If the loan amount exceeds the MPesa limit, the balance is then sent directly into the borrower's bank account.

Here are Platinum Credit Mobile Loan Products;

  1. Patapata Cash Civil,Servants Loans
  2. LBF(Logbook Finance) Quick Cash
  3. LBF (Logbook Finance) Refinance 
  4. Salary Advance 
  5. Jipe Cash 
  6. Personal Loans Quick Cash
  7. Mkodi Quick Cash
  8. Biashara Vhap Chap Loan
  9. Biashara Nawiri Loan

Steps To Pay PCL Loans Via Paybill no. 810902

  • Go to Mpesa menu 
  • Select Lipa na Mpesa 
  • Paybill 
  • Enter business number 810902 ( whichnis the Platinum Credit Limited Paybill no.)
  • Enter the borrower's ID number as the account number 
  • Enter loan amount to repay 
  • Enter Mpesa PIN 
  • Confirm and submit 

How To Contact Platinum Credit Limited Customer Care

To be sure with any step you take, it is highly advisable to confirm by contacting Platinum Credit Limited Customer Care helpline listed below;
  • 0709 900 000