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Monday, March 08, 2021

Why Your Tala Loan Limit is Zero

    March 08, 2021   No comments
Tala Kenya
Tala App

Do you know why is your Tala Loan Limit zero? In this article  will tell you all the possible reasons why your credit limit is nil.

Tala is the pioneer of mobile money lending through apps in Kenya previously known as Mkopo Rahisi.

To secure a loan from Tala mobile, one needs to have an android smartphone which will present the data required to Tala for a lending decision.

Mpesa was and is still the most used mobile money service in Kenya. It was and is still therefore a must to have a registered mpesa wallet to apply for a Tala loan. Approved loans are disbursed to Mpesa accounts.

But why will Tala give an individual with a Safaricom Mpesa account and an android smartphone a zero loan limit?

Tala revealed to be considering alot of data provided by the applicant during registration and also the data stored in your mobile handset. This is why you're advised to keep the app installed always.

Here is a list of some of the reasons why you have a zero Tala loan limit;

  • You presented wrong and misleading personal information during registration. 
  • You provided inferior financial information during registration. 
  • Your mpesa account is less active .
  • If you delete your Mpesa messages and Call logs all the time.
  • If you interact with others less over the phone through calls or messages. 
  • If your phone book is empty 
  • If you're blacklisted by the CRB 
  • If you have many active loans with other apps
  • If you have a poor CRB Credit score 
  • If you're not using your own mobile handset 

Hot Car Deals Kenya - Get Quick Hire Purchase Cars

    March 08, 2021   No comments

Hot Car Deals Kenya
Hot Car Deals Kenya 

Hot Car Deals Motors is a car dealership company that provides the best car deals in town. They offer timely services to ensure fast processing of cash and hire purchase deals in Nairobi and Mombasa.

The company has a unique selection of vehicles which provide a wide range of car sizes and brands in the country. As a prospecting customer you'll always find your preferred car with Hot Car Deals Motors.

How To Buy Cars From Hot Car Deals Kenya

 The process of buying a car on hire purchase from this vehicle dealership begins by identifying the type of car you as a customer prefer. 

The company's cars can be viewed by visiting their showroom in Nairobi at Rosslyn Riviera mall or Mombasa or by going to the Hot Car Deals Website

After identifying your preferred car, a customer will be required to deposit 50% of the total car value or price and then pay the remaining 50% within a period of 12 months in installments.

Why Hot Car Deals Motors Is The Best 

 This company is the best simple because it prides itself for having unbeatable deals and quick service. After paying a 50% deposit, a customer can right away drive away with his or her preferred car. Transforming your car buying experience into what you’ve always desired making it special and unforgettable is also another reason why Hot Car Deals motors stands out.

Hot Car Deals motors will also do a hustle free financing for your car purchase without checking your credit score or asking for your bank statements. 

What Are The Requirements To Get Approved 

Here is a summary of what a customer will do or provide in order to be approved to get a car on hire purchase from Hot Car Deals Motors; 

  • Pay a 50% deposit for the chosen car
  • Provide National ID and KRA PIN 
  • Get a Comprehensive Car insurance cover 
  • Get a Car Tracker 
  • Sign the 12 month instalment payment agreement 

How To Contact Hot Car Deals Motors 

It is highly recommended, you contact this company for more information and clarifications on the car deals.

You can visit their showroom at Rosslyn Riviera Mall in Nairobi, 
Or Call/WhatsApp;
  • 0727 826 867
  • 0768 825 914


Branch Loan App - How to Download App and Apply For Loans ,Repay via M-Pesa Paybill, Contacts

    March 08, 2021   1 comment
Branch International app

Branch loan app,trading as Branch International is a fast and affordable loan giver in Kenya taking care of everybody including the remote area dwellers and the unbanked.

Note that; this information is for Kenyans.
If you're from Nigeria, read ;  How To Contact Branch International App Customer  Care in Nigeria 

Branch targets Kenyans with android mobile phone devices with active and established Facebook and Mpesa accounts.The service is accessible through a mobile phone app.

The lender disburse loans instantly from as low as kes250 to as high as kes50000 through Mpesa.The loan repayment period ranges between 1 month and 1 year charged on a flexible interest rate.Interest rate is majorly dependent on customer's credit score.

How to use Branch Loan App

I have been using Branch international app myself and that's why am confident to recommend it to you.


  • Download Branch loan app here
  • Sign up with Facebook
  • Now you have a Branch app account. Touch the menu icon on the top left corner and select 'promotions'.Enter z0ngjq (in this code, 0 is number zero but not letter o) and press 'Apply code' at the bottom.This way you'll make Branch know that you got this information from Loans Kenya Blog.
  • To ask for a loan,touch the menu icon on top left corner and select 'Apply for a loan'
  • You'll get the loan into your Mpesa account instantly.
That's all!

How to Contact Loan Apps - 11 Customer Care Phone numbers

    March 08, 2021   No comments
Okash loan app
Okash Loan App

When loan apps started operations in Kenya, most of them never disclosed their mobile or landline customer care numbers. In addition the digital lenders also never revealed their business premises locations.

This was very confusing to the borrowers. I already wrote an article about  why loan apps hide phone numbers and locations .

I remember talking to an American woman, Alexis Beggs , a researcher  who was in the country back in 2016 trying to assess the effectiveness of remote communication applied by the digital lenders.

Alexis contacted me after reading How to Contact Tala from my blog and we had a good talk.

Were you comfortable with the way loan apps were hiding their phone numbers?

Many Kenyans were not comfortable and started complaining, the same reason why the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) wants to regulate the apps.

With regulation on the way, most loan apps have slowly started disclosing their contacts especially phone numbers.

For the purpose of this article,  I'll list the numbers so far disclosed and the respective loan apps. It's still unfortunate though that the most popular, established digital lenders like Tala and Branch are yet to disclose their phone contacts.

Loan App Contacts in Kenya 

  1. Zenka 020 765 0878
  2. Zash 0111 008 008
  3. Okash 020 765 9988
  4. Opesa 020 765 0999
  5. Credit Hela 0110 895 800
  6. Stawika 020 760 6564
  7. Kuwazo 0745 660 345
  8. Kava 0709 880 000
  9. PesaFlash 020 765 1561
  10. Senti 0712517910
  11. Okolea International 0720178775

What Is CRB Batch Number and How Long Does It Take To Be Removed From CRB Blacklist

    March 08, 2021   No comments
CRB Batch Number

Most of the time ,CRB will ask for a batch number in order to provide a customer with a service like a Clearance Certificate issuance.

But, what is a CRB Batch number? What is a batch number important to the CRB? If you're a borrower and have been asking for this information then this article is for you.

What is a batch number 

The lenders, both commercial banks and non-banks are required to submit daily updates about all borrowers' information to the CRB.

Due to the large number of borrowers accounts, lenders have chosen to send the information to the CRB in groups termed as batches.

Each batch contains information about a group of borrowers (customers) and has a specific number attached to it. This number is now what is called a Batch Number.

Batch Numbers are specific for example a Metropol CRB Batch number will be different from a Transunion CRB or Creditinfo CRB Batch Number.

If a lender listed you with all the three CRBs and now you need to clear your name, the lender will have to give you three batch numbers each for every specific CRB.

Why is a Batch Number Needed by the CRB

A lender will present a batch number to a borrower, which the borrower will then present to the CRB for clearance.

A batch number presented by the borrower will help the CRB to easily locate borrower's account information from the database and work on the clearing from the blacklist.

How Long Does It Take To Be Removed From CRB Blacklist 

Due to the huge number of borrowers accounts being submitted to the CRB in batches,  it can take between 2 and 4 working days before one is completely removed from the CRB blacklist.

How to Delete Branch or Tala Loan Account

    March 08, 2021   No comments
Tala app, Branch International app

So many people asked me ; How can I delete my Tala or Branch loan account? Today I'll provide the answer through this article. Just continue reading.

But why would one want to delete a Tala or Branch loan account? This is what I wanted to know from my blog viewers and some of the reasons were;

  • To avoid temptations of taking an expensive loan - the apps are too expensive. 
  • To avoid repaying loans - which is bad
  • To hide from CRB blacklist - some borrowers thought so.
Back to the topic, this is how you can deactivate your account if you don't need Tala or Branch  International services anymore;

How To Delete Tala Loan Account 

If you don't want get fast mobile loans from Tala anymore, you can simply uninstall the app from your smartphone. 

But before you do that, make sure you've fully repaid all your Tala Loans.

Here is an official answer from Tala on how to delete your Tala account;
Tala delete account

How To Delete Branch International Loan Account 

Again if you're not in need of branch fast and affordable loans anymore, you can send a message via the app to ask for your account closure. 

Always make sure you've fully repaid all your branch loans before asking for your branch account to be closed or deleted. 

Here is an official answer by Branch International on how to delete a branch loan account; 
Branch loan account delete

Why your Fuliza Limit is Zero

    March 08, 2021   No comments
Fuliza Mpesa

Before using Fuliza, you must get a loan limit from Safaricom through your M-Pesa account.

Fuliza is an overdraft facility that Safaricom offers to Mpesa customers who have used the service for more than 6 months. In other words Fuliza is a service that enables mpesa customers to complete transactions even when there's insufficient funds in their mpesa wallets.

The transactions that one can do with a fuliza overdraft loan include;

  • Sending money 
  • Buying goods
  • Paying bills 
To get started, you'll have to opt in to use Fuliza service. You can download Mysafaricom app if you have a smartphone or dial *234# and enrolled.

Why is your loan limit zero? It is possible to have a zero fuliza overdraft limit. In fact that's where your fuliza journey will start but again its the most common limit.

There are reasons though why your fuliza limit will be zero and those reasons include;

  • If your mpesa account is less than 6 months old.
  • If your mpesa account is less active with less transactions. 
  • If your mpesa account changed negatively 
  • If you're blacklisted by the CRB 
  • If you have an unpaid fuliza loan.