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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Hela Pesa App ; How to Download and Apply for Loans,Salary Advance, Repay via Mpesa Paybill, Contacts

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Hela Pesa loan app is available to salaried individuals like teachers who are looking for a Salary advance.

Existing Salary advance borrowers then qualify for the Hela Mobile loans which is a second service apart from Salary advance.

How To  Join Hela 

You'll need to download Hela app from play store and create your account. The app will then give you a loan limit after which you can apply for the loan.

Hela Contacts 

Call; 020 776 6666
Call/ WhatsApp ; 0742 866 677 or 0789 858 854 or 0795 637 092 or  0797 627 668
Email; info@helacapitals.com

Thursday, November 19, 2020

How To Open a Jumbo Junior Account -The Requirements,How To Save And Withdraw Cash

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Jumbo Junior Account- Cooperative Bank

Jumbo Junior  is a transactional bank account from Cooperative Bank of Kenya (Co-opbank) which enables parents save for their children's future. 

As a good parent it is advisable to teach your kids on how to save money and Cooperative Bank has a special account that can help in this - Jumbo Junior Account which is the 'big bank account for little people '.

How to Open A Jumbo Junior Account 

If you're a parent or a guardian for a child below the age of 18 years , then you're the right person to open this bank account for your child.

To open this account for your little one,just visit any nearest Cooperative Bank branch near you.

Requirements To Open Jumbo Junior Account 

Before you can open a Jumbo Junior Account for your child, these are the requirements;

  • Your child's Birth Certificate 
  • Your (the Parent's) copy of KRA PIN 
  • Your (the Parent's) Copy of ID
  • Ksh 500 as initial deposit 
  • Ksh 600 for a debit card (optional)

Jumbo Junior Account Benefits 

Children with a jumbo Junior Account will get ;
  • Free ele-bank to store money from home
  • Free birthday cards
  • Discounted bank cheques for free

How To Withdraw Money From jumbo Account 

As the parent or guardian who opened the account,  you're allowed to make money withdraw anytime. 

These are the ways you can access the Jumbo Junior Account money;
  • Go to a Cooperative Bank branch
  • Use a debit card at an ATM
  • Through MCo-opCash 
  • Through Co-op kwa Jirani Agent 

Monday, November 16, 2020

How To Win Prizes With Tala Santa This Christmas

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Tala's First Week Prize

Tala will be awarding a total of 18 winners this festive under a campaign dubbed Krisi Ya Mapema and with the hashtag #TalaSanta.

Starting from 16th November, Tala will run a weekly competition where winners will be awarded different prizes which will communicated via the Tala Facebook page each week.

The competition will end on December 11th which will be after 4 weeks when the last winners will be announced.

But how and who can participate and win the prizes from Tala?

Who Can Participate In Tala's Krisi Ya Mapema Competition 

  • You don't have to be a Tala customer to participate 
  • You must like Tala Facebook page
  • You must be 18 years and above 

How to Participate In Tala's  Krisi Ya Mapema  campaign 

  • You first like Tala Facebook page
  • Wait for a competition to be posted. 
  • Upload your comment (which is a video) with the hashtag #TalaSanta 
  • Ask your friends to +1 and like your video. 
The video with the most +1s win the weekly prize. 

Never participate more than once in a single competition. In this case your first comment (video upload) will be considered. 

If you happen to win a prize , never participate again. You'll be disqualified. 

Participants must not be employees, agents or close relatives to any of these.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Who Can Actually Remove You from CRB ?

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There are some individuals and even some companies out there claiming to be in a position to remove loan defaulters from the CRB blacklist without paying the lenders.

Guys, stop being conned by those individuals because it is not true. You'll only be removed from CRB blacklist by law, or through  government directive or after you repay your pending due loans.

Read ; How to Contact CRB 

Alot of Kenyans have asked me this question, whether it is true that an individual can be out of CRB blacklist without following the right procedure. It can never happen.

Those individuals and companies collecting money from Kenyans claiming to help them get out of the blacklist are con men and women.

An innocent Kenyan asked me through Facebook messenger if these people are real or fake ;

Here is the message;
Hello, I have seen in Facebook, some individuals purporting to clear people from CRB without actually paying institutions that listd them on CRB.. is that really possible. Help me before they con

Kindly note that, only the CRB can unlist or remove you from the blacklist and that happens when the CRB get directed to do so by the lender who you have loans with.

Therefore if you want to be our of the CRB blacklist, pay all overdue loans and ask the lenders to direct the CRB to Delist your name from the blacklist.

If you get lucky, like what recently happened, the government through the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) can also direct some names to be removed from the CRB blacklist , if yours is in the list ,you'll be removed.