Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Jazika Loan App

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Jazika loan app in Kenya

Jazika loan app under Jazika Ventures is another among  the long list of mobile loan apps in Kenya.

The app can lend up to ksh100000 to a qualified borrower in just minutes.The money is then disbursed to the borrower's Mpesa account for use.

I have  tried Jazika app myself but I was not lucky to get a loan. I already tested Utunzi loan app and it's like Jazika,Utunzi and even Craft loan apps are related.I even received an automatic verification from Utunzi to access Jazika app.

Read about Utunzi Loan App

If you need to give Jazika loan app a try, follow the steps below;

Getting Started with Jazika loan app 

Youraccount is now active and verified.

How to apply for a loan from Jazika 

  • Login the app
  • Select Apply loan
  • Enter amount to borrow (shouldn't exceed your loan limit)
  • Select the repayment duration 
  • Complete the application 
If approved, you'll get the money into your Mpesa account within minutes. 

How to repay a loan from Jazika

You will use Jazika Paybill number  687035 (registered as Jazika Ventures). Input your phone number as the Account number.

  • Go to Mpesa 
  • Select Lipa na Mpesa 
  • Paybill 
  • Enter business number 687035 (this is Jazika Paybill number)
  • Account number (here input your phone number)
  • Amount ( write the loan amount to repay)
  • Enter Mpesa PIN and confirm 
  • Send 
Refresh the app to see your updated Jazika account. 

How to Contact Jazika Customer care 

  • Call; 0705099014
  • Email to;
  • In app Message feature 

Monday, June 18, 2018

PesaZone Loan App

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PesaZone Loan App in Kenya

PesaZone Loan App under  PesaPro Limited gives access to quick mobile loans of between kes250 and kes10000 to smartphone users in Kenya.

As usual,  I tried PesaZone before I recommend to my blog viewers  and this is my experience with the app. Actual the app truly gives out loans.I got mine just less than 5 minutes after applying. Navigation, colours and everything is okay.

But there's a fee....!? 

I paid kes40 non refundable, to be verified and I was given a starting loan of kes250. PesaZone gave a reason for the fee as 'Know Your Customer (KYC) and verifying if the mpesa account is truly yours to avoid frauds '.

Like many Kenyans, I don't like fees or any charges before applying for a loan especially online but I decided to try PesaZone Loan App.If you wish to try ,then let me help with the process;

Get Started with PesaZone Loan App

Your PesaZone account should be now active and verified 

How to apply for a loan from PesaZone App

  • Login to the app 
  • Adjust the amount you wish to borrow 
  • Select the duration of repayment 
  • Submit
You will receive the loan within minutes. If it takes more than 9hours before you receive it, contact PesaZone.Check contacts below this post.

How to repay PesaZone Loan 

You'll use PesaZone Paybill Number 754285 registered as PesaPro Limited
  • Go to Mpesa menu 
  • Select Paybill 
  • Enter business number 754285 (PesaPro Limited)
  • Account number is your phone number (the number verified by PesaZone)
  • Amount (here enter the loan to repay)
  • Enter Mpesa PIN 
  • Confirm 
  • Submit 
Repayment period is 1 week for smaller loan and increases with larger loans.If you wish to use a different Mpesa account to repay the loan, then you should always input (write) your PesaZone verified Safaricom number as the Account number.This allows you to even ask a friend or relative to pay PesaZone Loan for you.

How to Contact PesaZone Customer care 

There are no numbers to call at the moment. Kindy use the contacts given here;
  • Use the in app chat (Check top right hand corner for the message icon and click on it)
  • Email to;

Friday, June 15, 2018

Pay HELB Via Mpesa

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HELB Paybill number 200800

When it's time to repay your HELB (Higher Education Loans Board) loan, I know using Helb Paybill number 200800 would be more convenient because mobile money reigns in Kenya now and you don't need to use a smartphone but even a feature phone (the mulika mwizi mobile phone).

The good thing is that by repaying an educational loan from HELB, you're giving a chance to a fellow needy student to join campus. Also you keep yourself off the CRB blacklist.

Whether you want to pay the loan in full or in instalments using the Lipa na Mpesa feature on Safaricom SIM card ,Kindly follow these steps;

How to repay HELB loan Via Mpesa 

  • Go to Mpesa 
  • Select Lipa na Mpesa 
  • Select Paybill 
  • Enter business number 200800 (This is HELB Paybill number)
  • Enter your ID number as Account number
  • Enter Amount of loan you wish to pay 
  • Enter Mpesa PIN 
  • Confirm details 
  • Submit  

How to Contact HELB customer care 

After you repay your loan in full , you can visit the HELB offices for a clearance certificate.You can also visit the offices for any other enquiries at Anniversary Towers,19th floor, University Way, Nairobi.

  • Call HELB on; 0711052000
  • Sms to ; 21112
  • Email to;

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Financial Sector Nominees, Digital Inclusion Awards 2018

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Digital Inclusion Awards in Kenya 2018

Digital Inclusion Awards (DIA) 2018 ceremony will be happening on 5th October to recognise and award business entities in Kenya that have truly embraced tech in day to day business activities.

The nominees list is out and as usual, I'll focus on the Financial Sector Nominees.

Best Bank in internet Banking (tier1)

  • KCB
  • Cooperative Bank 
  • Equity Bank
  • Barclays Bank
  • Standard chartered Bank 

Best Mobile Banking App (tier1)

  • CBA Mobile 
  • Equity Eazzy Banking 
  • Standard chartered Mobile App
  • Barclays Mobile Banking App
  • KCB Banking App

Best Financial services brand on social media(tier1)

  • KCB
  • Barclays Bank 
  • Standard chartered Bank 
  • Equity Bank 
  • CBA

Best Bank in Internet  Banking (tier2&3)

  • DTB 
  • Eco Bank
  • BOA
  • First Community Bank
  • Spire Bank
  • Sidian Bank

Best Bank In adopting digital solutions to enhance customer experience (tier2&3)

  • UBA
  • M Oriental Bank
  • Housing Finance Bank
  • GT Bank
  • Dubai Bank
  • BOA

Best Bank in Mobile Banking (tier2&3)

  • DTB
  • Eco Bank
  • Sidian Bank
  • Jamii Bora Bank
  • Family Bank
  • Transnational Bank

Best Microfinance Institution In mobile banking 

  • Musoni Kenya 
  • U&I Microfinance Bank 
  • Caritas Microfinance 
  • Remu Microfinance 
  • Century Microfinance Bank 

Best Microfinance Bank mobile app

  • Uwezo Kash
  • KWFT mobile 
  • Faulu mobile 
  • Remu MFB app
  • Rafiki mkononi

Best Sacco Mobile App

  • Safaricom Sacco app
  • Stima Sacco M-pawa
  • Mwalimu National Go mobile 
  • Kingdom Sacco mBanking app
  • Fortune eCash app

Best Sacco on mobile banking 

  • Stima Sacco 
  • Sheria Sacco 
  • Mentor Sacco 
  • Kenya police Sacco 
  • Unaitas
  • Amica savings & credit 

Best Sacco in e-Services

  • Safaricom Sacco 
  • Stima Sacco 
  • Mhasibu Sacco 
  • Amica savings &credit 
  • Harambee Sacco 

Best Local Non Bank Mobi loan platform 

  • Scoppe
  • Utunzi
  • Stawika
  • Okolea 
  • Haraka

Best emerging contactless payment solution 

  • Safaricom 1-tap
  • Masterpass 
  • mVisa

Best Mobile financial services provider

  • M-pesa 
  • Equitel
  • Airtel money 
  • T-kash

Best B2B Payments Integrator

  • Direct pay online 
  • Pesapal
  • Kopo kopo
  • Popote pay
  • Jambo pay

Best Fintech Innovation Company

  • Electics
  • Riverbank
  • Tangazoletu
  • Kocela
  • Fintech Group 
  • Interswitch

Best Bank Use of Digital Solutions to enhance customer experience (tier1)

  • Equity 
  • KCB
  • Standard chartered Bank 
  • CBA
  • Barclays 

Best Consumer Payment Solution 

  • Lipa na Mpesa 
  • Equity Eazzy pay
  • MasterCard Debit card
  • Visa debit card 
  • Verve

Best Microfinance Institution In online banking 

  • Caritas Microfinance 
  • Rafiki Bank
  • Century Microfinance Bank 
  • U&I Microfinance 

Best Microfinance Bank in use of Digital Solutions to enhance customer experience 

  • Caritas Microfinance 
  • KWFT
  • Faulu 
  • Choice Microfinance 
  • Century Microfinance Bank 

Best Sacco in adoption of Digital Solutions 

  • Ukulima Sacco 
  • Afya Sacco 
  • Mhasibu Sacco 
  • Shirika Sacco society 
  • Mwalimu National Sacco 
  • Chai Sacco

Best Mobile loans and savings 

  • Timiza
  • KCB Mpesa 
  • Mshwari
  • Equity Eazzy 
  • MCo-op cash 

Best Digital Remittance service

  • Simba pay
  • World Remit 
  • Transfer To (Mpesa -PayPal)
  • Bitpesa
  • EastPesa
To vote for your favourite company,  kindly visit Digital Inclusion Awards Website.