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Monday, January 27, 2020

Good News! Saida Loan App Is Back Now With A Lite Version

    January 27, 2020   No comments
Saida loan app Kenya

Saida is back and with a new lite version of the same to serve Kenyans even much better .

The Greenshoe Capital owned mobile lending app has been around for years till the last quarter of last year when it took a break only to come back even better early this year .

This loan app will give up to kes 20000 just in minutes. This money can be sent to your mpesa account for use anytime and anywhere.

Loans taken from this lender can be returned through mpesa when due after 1 or even two months. This can be done from within the app or through Paybill number.

You can try the lite version of saida loan app by downloading now.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

CBK Okays Access Bank To Acquire Transnational Bank

    January 26, 2020   No comments
CBK press release

Central Bank of Kenya on 17th January  2020 approved Nigerian Access Bank to acquire up to 100% shareholding rights of Kenyas Transnational Bank.

Access Bank will effectively take the banks control as from 1st February 2020.

Transnational Bank had 28 operational bank branches across Kenya.

Access Bank is the biggest bank in Nigeria with presence in other African countries including; Ghana, Rwanda, Zambia, DRC and Sierra Leone. Outside Africa, the lender has offices in United kingdom, United Arab Emirates, China, Lebanon and India.

KashWay App - Loans ,Phone Numbers, Paybill

    January 26, 2020   No comments
KashWay loan app

KashWay is a mobile loan app making it possible for borrowers to ask for credit instantly through mpesa.

KashWay Loans

KashWay gives loans from kes500 as the minimum loan amount to kes50000 as the maximum loan amount a client can borrow.

To get loans, one must be 18years and above with a six months active mpesa account.

To get started download KashWay app from play store, create your profile ,get a loan limit then apply.

KashWay Loan Repayment 

The lender will give borrowers 3 months and up to 6 months as the duration of repayment of loans depending on the amount taken.

KashWay Contacts 

If you have issues, kindly check KashWay helpdesk on ;

KashWay Facebook Page

Friday, January 24, 2020

3 Banks That Joined Mobile Loan App Lending Game

    January 24, 2020   No comments
It all started with Tala ( started as Mkopo Rahisi) then Branch International came in. Thereafter , since ,there have been a season of loan app proliferation.

Kenyan commercial banks were reluctant to jump in until when customers were almost totally shying away from approaching them for small unsecured loans.

At this time Mshwari and KCBMPesa were already operational but were not popular with the only reason being that you were to save money with them first before you could get a loan.

The unsecured mobile loans provided through mobile apps were trust based.This made Mshwari and KCBMPesa become trust based too.

3 Banks with Loan Apps 

Loan apps by banks

The loan apps game became so popular with most kenyans that some banks came up with their own backed apps.

Because these apps were backed by strong lenders ,they started on a high note by giving large amounts with big maximum loan limits. Check the list below;

Housing Finance Corporation (HFC)

Prominent mortgage solutions provider in kenya HFC came up with the HF Whizz App.
Check HF Whizz Loan app now

Barclays Bank of Kenya 

This lender came up with Timiza app
Check TImiza Loan App now

Family Bank of Kenya

Family bank decided to change their terms and started giving trust based loans through PesaPap.
Check PesaPap Loan App now