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Friday, November 27, 2020

How To Add Adopted Children To NHIF

    November 27, 2020   No comments

As a member NHIF allows you to add beneficiaries who will benefit from your contributions to get medical funding.

Beneficiaries who were approved by NHIF included the following;

  • Wife / Spouse 
  • Children 
Only biological children were to be added as beneficiaries. Now, luckily, you can add even adopted children. 

How To Add Adopted Children To NHIF As Beneficiaries 

If you have legally adopted children, you can now add them to your NHIF card details.

All you have to do is visit nearest NHIF branch or Huduma Centre with following documents;
  • ID card
  • Letter from children's department 
  • Legal adoption papers 

Okolea Loan App ; How to Download and Apply for Loans,Repay via Mpesa Paybill, Contacts

    November 27, 2020   1 comment
Okolea loan app Kenya

Okolea loan app under Okolea International, gives quick mobiloans to all Kenyans through their android smartphones but unfortunately I have never been able to be approved for one.As per the information on their website,the loans range between ksh100 to ksh100000

I don't know much about it but the app interface is fine.Thats am sure of because I tried it.I checked the comments on Google play store and saw that some were lucky to be approved for loans though complaining.
Check this one ;
Okolea loan app comments

Nobody likes paying to get a loan.One thing which I also found with this app is 'appraisal fee' of ksh100 if you didn't get approved right away for the loan.
Check this one;
Okolea loan app Kenya appraisal fee

For me I said no because the bad guys do this to get away with people's money.They take the fee and go quiet.I contacted Okolea and am still waiting for their feedback. 

People kindly share your experiences with this app through comments below. I'll still share how to use Okolea for those who would like to give it a try.

Getting Started with Okolea loan App

You need to have an Android smartphone.

  • Go to play store and download Okolea
  • Fill in the required details
  • Check for your loan limit displayed and apply
  • If not approved you can choose to wait and try again later or pay the appraisal fee

How to apply for a loan from Okolea

  • Log in the app
  • Check the displayed loan limit and apply 
  • Your loan will be sent to your Mpesa number verified by Okolea

How to repay Okolea loan .

  • Select the Repay Button within the app and proceed
  • Or Go to Mpesa 
  • Lipa na Mpesa 
  • Paybill
  • Enter business number (here enter 245316)
  • Account number (enter your phone number here)
  • Amount (enter the loan amount here)
  • Submit

How to Contact Okolea help team

  • Call or WhatsApp 0720178775 or 0748679076
  • Email; Support@okolea-international.com

Stawi Loan App ;How To Download and Apply for Loans, Repay via Mpesa Paybill, Contacts

    November 27, 2020   39 comments
Stawi Loan App kenya

Stawi App gives quick loans to business owners in Micro,Small and Medium Enterprise (MSMEs) segments.

Getting Started with Stawi

Download Stawi Loan App.
To use Stawi Loan App for accessing credit, a business owner must be registered by a stawi agent where they get to specify their wallet.

Stawi Agents are the same as the following banks agents but more are coming ;

  • KCB Mtaani
  • Coop kwa Jirani 
  • NIC Bank 
  • DTB 
  • CBA  

After registration you can now borrow ,expand your business and repay when due via the app.

Stawi Loan Limits 

The loan limits that a trader can access is between kes30000 and kes250000 unsecured amount. Approved loan amount is disbursed directly to a traders wallet account.
Loan application is done through the app (Stawi app).

Stawi Loan Interest Rates 

All stawi loans are charged an interest rate of 9% (9 percent) per year.

Repayment period 

The repayment period for a stawi Loan is from 1 month to 12 months (this is 1 year). But you don't have to repay the whole loan amount due. After paying 80% of the loan, you can ask for an new loan - top up loan.

Stawi Contacts 

Contact stawi customer care through;
Call ; 0709 714 999
Call; 0730 714 999
Email; help@stawi.ke

9 Loan Apps Asking For Fees

    November 27, 2020   No comments
Utunzi loan app

There are around 100 loan apps in kenya that are helping kenyans access quick credit through their mobile phones.

According to FSD Kenya's  Digital Credit Audit Report 2019, about 60 of the loan apps are genuine, the rest are fake. They are here to exploit kenyans.

Among the 100 apps, there are some which ask for registration fees or membership fees or CRB check fees or Know Your  Customer fees. 

Here are some of the apps that will ask for fees before you start accessing services;

  • Utunzi
  • Kano
  • Dolax
  • Craft
  • Upazi
  • Usawa
  • Utajiri
  • Fadhili
  • Jazika

Loan app registration fees
Source; FSD Kenya