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Saturday, March 06, 2021

Dahabshiil - Money Transfer Service

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Dahabshiil Money Transfer

 Dahabshiil is a money transfer company that helps in sending money fast to many regions of the world.

This company with headquarters in Dubai ,United Aeab Emirates (UAE) has over 24,000 agents spread across the world. These agents serve as the money sending or pickup points.

Why Dahabshiil Exists 

Dahabshiil is popular with the Somali community living abroad. This is company serves as the best way for Somali people to send money back home to Somalia or Somaliland. However, Dahabshiil is open to anyone who want to send money across the world. 

How To send money via Dahabshiil 

  • The sender visits the nearest Dahabshiil agent.
  •  He/She will fill in details in a form. 
  • Then provide the cash
  • And finally collect a receipt 
The money will be ready for collection instantly. 

Dahabshiil Ways To Receive Money 

Money send via Dahabshiil can be collected in cash at any of the nearest pickup points. Dahabshiil also can help send money directly to the recipient's Mpesa account especially for those living in Kenya. 

How To Contact Dahabshiil 

Dahabshiil has agents in all countries where the services are available. Kindly check Dahabshiil Website to see the nearest agent mobile phone numbers and location. 

Dahabshiil Headquarters is in Dubai (UAE)

  • Call Remittance Office number ; +971 4 228 9273
  • Call Corporate Office Number; +971 4359 8521
Dahabshiil Transfer Services in UK
  • Call +44 20 7375 1110
  • Email;

Dahabshiil Operations Centre, Hargeisa

  • Call ; + 4767059805 or  + 4767059825 or  + 4767059824  or + 4767059818
  • Call: + 2522300305 or + 2522 523000 or + 2522 528354 
  • Fax: + 2522 523001

How To Send Money To Kenya Via Talkremit - Mpesa, Dahabshiil, Bank

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Talkremit money transfer

Talkremit is a trusted worldwide money transfer company popularly used by those in Europe to send money to other countries like Kenya. 

Kenyans living in European nations can safely and confidently use Talkremit to send money home and its fast. 

Sending money to Kenya through Talkremit 

With Talkremit, a Kenyan in Europe can instantly send cash back home to friends, family or for investment. You can send money directly to  Mpesa, bank account or a pickup point like Dahabshiil.

Someone abroad need to create a Talkremit account either on Talkremit website or via Talkremit App

After the account is setup, one can deposit cash via credit card, debit card or bank transfer. After depositing money ,one can then send cash to friends and family instantly. 

How To Receive Talkremit Money in Kenya 

Money send to Kenya via Talkremit can be received via any of the following three ways as specified by the sender abroad;

  • Via Mpesa 
  • Via Bank 
  • Via Dahabshiil

Talkremit to Mpesa 

Money sent from outside Kenya via Talkremit through Mpesa will be directly be deposited into the recipient Mpesa account instantly. 

 Banks Recommended for Talkremit money Transfer 

These are the Kenyan banks that have a partnership with Talkremit  and it's where money sent from abroad can be received directly into the recipient bank account;
  • Equity Bank
  • Cooperative Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank 
  • Absa Bank ( formerly Barclays Bank)

Talkremit Approved Cash Pickup Points 

In addition to Dahabshiil, Talkremit money can be collected as cash from the following kenyan banks too; 
  • Equity Bank 
  • DTB
  • National Bank 
  • Cooperative Bank

Send Money To Kenya via Transfer Galaxy - M-Pesa, Bikaal, Juba Express

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Transfer Galaxy

Transfer Galaxy is one of the fastest ways to send money back home to Kenya for those who are abroad. 

This money transfer platform is available in majority of the the western developed countries. Kenyans working in Europe can trust Transfer Galaxy to send cash home.

Transfer Galaxy is known for its lowest charges on every transaction. The first money transfer is even free.

How Transfer Galaxy Works

To get started with Transfer Galaxy, a Kenyan living abroad can create an online account via the Transfer Galaxy website or Download Transfer Galaxy app from Google play store. 

Once the account is setup ,you can deposit your money via any accepted credit card for example Visa or Mastercard.

You can then proceed to send the money to the recipient back home in Kenya. 

How To Receive Transfer Galaxy money in Kenya 

With Transfer Galaxy, the sender will choose whether to send the money via Mpesa which is instantly received into the recipient Mpesa account or via a pickup point like Bakaal or Juba Express. 

Bakaal ,Juba Express

What makes Transfer Galaxy popular to those who want to send money home is the fact that it is possible to deliver the cash right into the recipient Mpesa wallet. 

Friday, March 05, 2021

How To Send Money Home To Kenya Via M-Pesa - 21 Best Money Transfers

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Kenya is a blessed country which have been and is still exporting human resource to the world.

Kenyans working abroad most of the time think investing back home or sometimes think of supporting families back in Kenya by sending money. 

From wherever Kenyans are for example those in Doha  (Qatar ) Dubai (UAE), Mumbai (India) ,New York (USA) ,London (England) , Berlin (Germany) or Rome (Italy) know how M-Pesa is fast and convenient when it comes to sending and receiving money. 

There are money transfer ways like Bank Transfers and Cheques but Mpesa is best . This is because its fast and there are many Mpesa agents even in remote areas for easy money pick up.

In this regard, Safaricom has already allowed many money transfer companies to integrate M-Pesa into their platforms to help Kenyans and anyone else abroad to send money fast to Kenya. 

21 Best Ways To Send Money Via Mpesa to Kenya 

Check online to see if these services are available in your foreign country before proceeding to send cash to Kenya.

The list below shows the most common and convenient ways to send money via Mpesa to Kenya from the diaspora . All you need to provide is the recipient names and Mpesa number; 

  1. Xpressmoney - popular in many countries especially in the Middle East-for example Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq.
  2. Remitly- popular in the western countries- for example Italy, Germany, France 
  3. PayPal - popular in Asian countries- for example India, Philippines, Malaysia 
  4. Xoom- faster than paypal. Xoom is popular in USA 
  5. WorldRemit - popular in America and Europe. 
  6. Azimo - popular to send money from US to Kenya via M-Pesa 
  7. Transferwise - popular worldwide.
  8. TalkRemit - popular worldwide 
  9. Ooredoo - popular in Qatar ( Doha)
  10. Western union - popular worldwide 
  11. Transfast - popular worldwide 
  12. Skrill - popular in US and Europe 
  13. Payoneer - popular in the US
  14. SkyForex
  15. Transfer Galaxy 
  16. Xendpay
  17. Dahabshil - popular in Somalia, Djibouti,other Islamic Countries 
  18. MTN - popular in Rwanda,Uganda, South Africa and Nigeria 
  19. Post Finance - popular in Switzerland 
  20. Rocket Remit (formerly mHits) - popular in Australia 
  21. MoneyGram- popular in US and Europe 

Equity Secure Funding From Top European Firms To Support and Sustain MSMEs

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Equity Bank -EIB Partnership
European Union Ambassador to Kenya, H.E Simon Mordue (left) exchanges the signed partnership agreement with Equity Group MD & CEO, Dr. James Mwangi (right). Equity Group has signed a Kshs 16.5 Billion facility with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Union (EU) in its continued commitment to strategically walk with women and youth run MSMEs as well as those in agriculture during and post the COVID-19 pandemic.

Equity Continues Its Commitment to MSMEs to Sustain and Scale Their Operations with Funds from Leading European Institutions

* European Investment Bank and the European Union Invest Kshs 16.5 Billion in Equity's Vision of Supporting MSMEs through the pandemic to recover and thrive.

* The long-term loan facility equivalent to EUR 125 Million will support MSMEs to recover sustain and scale their operations, allowing them to retool, repurpose and become more agile.

* Kshs 6.5 Billion goes to agriculture while Kshs 10 Billion goes to MSMEs.

* A further EUR 20 Million grant offered by EIB will support entrepreneurs with financing through capacity building to support MSMES and the agriculture sector to easily access the credit facilities.

Nairobi, Kenya: March 4, 2021 - Equity Group Holdings Plc has signed a Kshs 16.5 Billion loan facility with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Union (EU) in its continued commitment to strategically walk with MSMEs during the three years the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to adversely affect the business operating environment as a result of the adoption of COVID-19 coping and containment measures.

Equity Group, the EIB and the EU chose to have the loan facility in Kenya Shillings to match the operating currency of SME businesses and eliminate the risk of foreign exchange while the EUR 20 million grant allows capacity building on the borrowing clients to derisk lowering the risk of default and hence allowing affordability by adoption of low-risk priced interest rates.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Equity launched an offensive and defensive approach to support customers to sustain themselves while innovating alongside MSMEs who are leveraging on the opportunities that have presented within the crisis. The Group committed to loan repayment accommodation for up to 45% of the customers whose cashflows and operation cycle were deemed likely to be negatively impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Equity made the prudent decision to ensure cashflow was not impaired and in its third quarter 2020 results, Equity reported a 30% growth in its loan book in support of its customers who saw opportunities of green shoots and diversifications in the COVID-19 environment. Most of the new opportunities funded were in manufacturing of PPE's, logistics, online businesses, agro-processing, fast moving consumer goods and agriculture value chains.
Equity, Dr James Mwangi
Equity Group MD & CEO, Dr. James Mwangi (left), CAS Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development, Lawrence Karanja (centre) and Principal Secretary State Department for Industrialization, Ambassador Peter Kaberia CBS (right), display the signed partnership documents. Equity Group has signed a Kshs 16.5 Billion facility with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Union (EU) in its continued commitment to strategically walk with women and youth run MSMEs as well as those in agriculture during and post the COVID-19 pandemic.

In announcing the latest loan facility, Dr. James Mwangi, Managing Director and CEO of Equity Group Holdings Plc stated, "The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic started as a health crisis, which quickly became an economic and humanitarian crisis that has seen almost 40% of Kenyan small business owners negatively affected by the great economic mechanism of coping, managing, mitigating and containing COVID-19 during the shutdown in business. Equity's goal is to keep the lights of the economy on by ensuring firms and businesses remain open, sustain employment and by keeping markets open for goods and services thus facilitating a quick recovery of businesses and the economy at large. This funding adds oxygen to the real economy through funding of enterprises under the `Young Africa Works' Program where Equity, Mastercard Foundation and the Government of Kenya are working to create 5 million jobs for women and young people through entrepreneurship over the next five years.

The facility extends over the entire period of the program's 5 years, ensuring the matching of long-term investment by SMEs to emerge stronger post the COVID-19 period.

The financing package through the EUR 20 Million grant covers amongst other initiatives, the provision of technical assistance to enhance Equity Bank's capacity to assess, execute and monitor longer-term investment projects in the agriculture value chains and further develop its longer-term agricultural financing activities with a focus on youth and woman while enhancing their capacity to lower their credit risk and hence the interest rate at which they will obtain credit.

Speaking on behalf of the European Investment Bank, Vice President Thomas Ostros said, "New EIB and EU support for leading Kenyan partner Equity Bank will help entrepreneurs, business and agricultural small holders across Kenya to access finance and better withstand the economic challenges and business uncertainties caused by COVID-19. Today's new agreements demonstrate Team Europe and Kenya joining forces to beat COVID-19 and help business flourish."

The ability of Equity to attract funding from global agencies such as the European Investment Bank and the European Union speaks to Equity's global standing, reputation and trust to support economic stability during the COVID-19 pandemic. Equity plays a central role in the global development agenda due to the interconnected nature of the economy and its ability to deliver strategic results due to its size and capacity. The facility also indicates the confidence that global lenders have in the Kenyan economy.

Equity not only wants to support export MSMEs but also those in the domestic economy and hence has borrowed in Kenya Shillings to ensure no mismatch in currency fluctuations which will further support the domestic market and protect it from exposure to the exchange rate. Both European institutions will support Equity's lending to MSMEs, which acknowledges that the COVID-19 outbreak has been a shock to Kenya's MSMEs. MSMEs eligible for Equity's lending through the facility will be active in high-growth market sectors which serve to create new manufacturing or distribution activities in the economy as well as strengthen and develop eco-systems around existing industrial activities.

"As an inclusive regional financial institution these facilities strengthen Equity's position to further enhance the strength of MSMEs who are key actors in value chains and ecosystems of the real economy in agriculture, trade, manufacturing, health and MSME sectors. By ensuring their survival and growth the MSMEs will continue to protect jobs, create more jobs and support lives and livelihoods in society, serving to create resilience as the pandemic subsides, as vaccines become available in Kenya, and as market growth returns," said Dr. Mwangi. "We value our long-term partnership with the EIB and the European Commission who have walked with us and our customers on our path for sustained human development for many years including their investment to scale our focus in agriculture through Kilimo Biashara. We thank them for supporting our efforts to strengthen the role of MSMEs to stimulate the economy back to prosperity, and hence support lives and livelihoods through market growth."

The guarantee complements Equity's program with Mastercard Foundation, Young Africa Works, of creating 5 million jobs especially for youth by providing $4.2bn in funding to MSMEs coupled with capacity building in Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Digital Literacy and business development services including mentorship, coaching and market linkages support. Equity is collaborating with MSME support organizations such as the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI), Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) as well as Micro and Small Enterprises Authority (MSEA).

This is the third tranche for Equity Group after having signed a USD $50 Million facility with IFC in September and a USD $100 Million facility from Proparco in October bringing the total to USD $275 Million, USD $150 Million and EUR 125 Million - an equivalent of bringing Kshs 33 Billion to fortify credit flows and liquidity to MSMEs.

About Equity Group Holdings, Plc:

Equity Group Holdings (EGHL) is a Pan-African financial services holding company listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange, Uganda Securities Exchange, and Rwanda Stock Exchange. The organization is Kenya's first trillion-shilling balance sheet bank. The Group has banking subsidiaries in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and DRC and a representative office in Ethiopia. It has other subsidiaries in investment banking, insurance, telecom, fintech and social impact investments. Equity Group has an asset base of over USD $10 billion. With over 14.2 million customers, the Group is one of the biggest banks in customer base in the region. Since 2008, the Group's corporate foundation, Equity Group Foundation (EGF), has delivered humanitarian programs in Education and Leadership, Food and Agriculture, Social Protection, Health, Clean Energy and the Environment, Enterprise Development and Financial Inclusion to millions of Africans. EGF has a networked health care provider, Equity Afia which has been supporting COVID-19 relief efforts. Find more information:<>

For more information, please call/ email:

Alex Muhia

Equity Group Holdings Plc.

T : Office - 0763 026007 : Mobile - 0763 618871

E :<>

Carol Wairugu
Ogilvy PR
T : 0764 515797

About the European Investment Bank:

Since its establishment in 1958, the EU bank has invested over a trillion euros in activities focused on the following priority areas: climate and environment, development, innovation and skills, small and medium-sized businesses, infrastructure and cohesion. The EIB works closely with other EU institutions to foster European integration, promote the development of the EU and support EU policies in over 140 countries around the world offering loans, guarantees, equity investments and advisory services.

Find more information:

Contact: Richard Willis,<>, tel.: +352 43 79 82155 / Mobile: +352 621 55 57 58 Website:<> - Press Office: +352 4379 21000 -<>

About Young Africa Works:

Young Africa Works is a public-private partnership between the Mastercard Foundation, the private sector, Equity Group Foundation, Equity Bank Group, the Government of Kenya and others. The initiative aims to support five million young Kenyans to access dignified and fulfilling work over the next five years, providing billions of shillings in capital, business development services, and market linkages to MSMEs to support their growth. This partnership is part of the Mastercard Foundation's ambitious strategy, Young Africa Works, to enable 30 million young people in Africa to secure dignified and fulfilling work by 2030. So far Equity has trained 191,305 MSMEs in Entrepreneurship and disbursed KES 57.5B to 141,106 MSMEs under the Young Africa Works Program.

Paylater (Carbon) App and USSD - How To Apply For Loans in Nigeria

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Carbon, Paylater Loans

Paylater (now Carbon) app is a one stop online platform where one can get the fastest loans in Nigeria. 

Paylater (Carbon) loans.

The mobile money lender provides loans up to Naira 1,000,000 instantly to a qualified borrower. 

Paylater (Carbon) Other Services 

In addition to loans, carbon has other services including; 

  • Investment 
  • Paying Bills
  • Savings 
  • Credit Cards
This is possible because Carbon is now a bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

The services can be accessed via the following ways; 

  • Via USSD code *1303# (MTN,9mobile customers)
  • Via Carbon app on play store or apple store 
  • Via Carbon website 

How to Download Carbon App

The Carbon app is the most convenient and available to both android and iPhones/iPad users. If you're using an apple device, kindly download Carbon app here  and for android device users Download Carbon App here.

How to Use Paylater USSD code 

Carbon (formerly paylater ) services can also be accessed via USSD code *1303# .
This code is available to MTN and 9mobile network users in Nigeria. 

A person can therefore dial *1303# to register a carbon account, or to use a carbon wallet for those already registered.  Some services though are not accessible via the code.

How To Use Carbon (paylater) website. 

A person can decide to user any good browser and access the Carbon (Paylater) Website to create an account or access Carbon services. 

Thursday, March 04, 2021

How To Contact HELB

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How to Contact HELB

 Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) provides affordable tuition fee and upkeep financing to needy ,deserving students in institutions of higher learning both public and private. 

Each year HELB disburse billions of money to help keep students in school in order to secure a bright future for themselves and for the country. 

Helb loans is a government initiative governed by the laws of republic of Kenya. 

How To Contact Helb Customer Care

It is allowed to seek for further clarifications or assistance from Helb. Prospective, new ,continuing and graduated students and even  guardians or parents can reach out to HELB customer Care help desk.

For the purpose of this article, am going to list all the Higher Education Loans Board Contacts and office location below. This should help anyone looking for the same; 

● HELB Head Office - located at the Anniversary Towers ,9th floor

● HELB Students Centre for loan disbursement enquiries - located Anniversary Towers, Mezzanine one (M1) floor.

● Helb Contact Centre - call mobile phone number 0711052000 or email to

● Helb Cash Office - located at Anniversary Towers ,South Wing ,floor.

● Helb Customer Experience Centre - for loan repayment, compliance and clearance,  and Helb jielimishe loan enquiries. Located at the Anniversary Towers, Ground floor. 

● Helb Huduma Centre - you can also visit Huduma Centre to get Helb services near you. 

Read; How to Repay Helb Loan via M-Pesa 

Also Read; How to Use Helb USSD code