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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

How To Pay Tala,Branch,Saida Loan For a friend

    August 11, 2020   No comments

How can I repay my Tala,Branch or Saida loan using another registered mpesa line? Can I pay Tala or Branch loan for a family member using my phone?Is it possible to use another mpesa account to pay a mobiloan for another Mpesa account?

There are situations which can make a loan app user join the Kenyans who asked Loans Kenya the above questions previously. The situations may include loosing an Mpesa line or the need to pay for a friend or relative's loan arrears among others.

Just as a reminder, the loan apps currently running and helping thousand of individuals and businesses in Kenya are Tala formerly Mkopo Rahisi,Branch and Saida.

Read more loans apps in Kenya

Back to the purpose of this post,in our quest to give back conclusive replies to those who reached us with queries through various ways,Loans Kenya asked Tala formerly Mkopo Rahisi and this is what we got;

Thanks for reaching out to us,. You can use another persons registered Mpesa number to make payments. Use pay-bill 851900 and YOUR registered Tala phone number as the account number. Looking forward to your repayment

From the above reply from Tala,then we concluded that its possible to pay Tala loans using different Mpesa registered numbers.

Update June 2020;
This is highly discouraged!
But if you want to use this method to repay your loan ,then note;

  1. Kindly ensure that your friends or relative number does not have an active account with the company you wish to repay .
  2. In case the repayment doesn't reflect on your account within 24hours, kindly contact the company you were repaying .

How To Repay Tala Loan.
This is just a reminder.Read the full story here on how to repay any loan app dues.

  • Go to M-pesa menu
  • Select Lipa na M-pesa
  • Select Paybill no (Here enter 851900)
  • Enter Account no(Here enter your Mpesa phone number)
  • Enter amount (enter the loan amount)
  • Enter M-pesa PIN
  • Press OK
Note: To pay for another Mpesa number which you or a friend/relative you want to help used to get a loan from Tala,Simple enter that number as the account number

How to Pay Branch or Saida loan for a different number
If you are using Branch loan app or Saida loan app,the steps are the same to pay for a loan for another Mpesa line or a friend/relative's Mpesa line used to take a loan with a few changes.
Change the Paybill number to 998608 for Branch app users and 854400 for Saida app users.

That's it.You can now use any Mpesa line to pay for a loan you borrowed through a loan app in Kenya.

VOOMA Loan App- How to Download, Apply, Repay via Paybill, Save ,Contacts

    August 11, 2020   No comments
VOOMA Mobile Loan App
VOOMA mobile loan app is a money platform by Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) meant to be used by both KCB and non - KCB customers.

The VOOMA app is joining a list of existing loan apps backed by banks including; TIMIZA by Absa Bank Kenya,  HF Whizz by Housing Finance, PesaPap by Family Bank.


First you'll need to download VOOMA app then create your account. With the app ,you can save, make payments and most importantly and what the public has been waiting for, take Loans from KCB ,the biggest bank in the country.

How To Repay VOOMA loans

When the time to repay is due, you can simply make the repayment from within the app.

How To Contact VOOMA 

Kindly contact KCB or simple visit the nearest agent or branch for help.

KashWay App - How to Download, Apply for Loans ,Repayvia Paybill,Phone Numbers

    August 11, 2020   8 comments
KashWay loan app

KashWay is a mobile loan app making it possible for borrowers to ask for credit instantly through mpesa.

KashWay Loans

KashWay gives loans from kes500 as the minimum loan amount to kes50000 as the maximum loan amount a client can borrow.

To get loans, one must be 18years and above with a six months active mpesa account.

To get started download KashWay app from play store, create your profile ,get a loan limit then apply.

KashWay Loan Repayment 

The lender will give borrowers 3 months and up to 6 months as the duration of repayment of loans depending on the amount taken.
KashWay Paybill number is 900068. Your account number is your phone number.

KashWay Contacts 

If you have issues, kindly check KashWay helpdesk on ;

KashWay Facebook Page

Kuwazo Loan App ; How To Download,Apply for Loans, Repay via Paybill, Contacts

    August 11, 2020   3 comments
Kuwazo Loan app
@kuwazo_ke app

Kuwazo is the fastest growing mobile loans lender in Kenya .

You can ,download  Kuwazo app ,register and get a loan within less than three minutes!

Kuwazo Loans

The lender gives up to a maximum of kes 30,000 straight into your Kuwazo account. You can then choose to transfer to your mobile wallet, Mpesa instantly.

You don't have to worry much about loans payment because you can still pay in small instalments dubbed lipa pole pole.

How to Pay Kuwazo Loan

You can just pay within the app by selecting the 'Repay' button or go to Mpesa menu and pay as follows;

  • Select Lipa na Mpesa 
  • Select Paybill 
  • Enter business number 149719 (Kuwazo paybill no.)
  • Account number is your mobile phone number (in which you received the loan)
  • Enter the loan amount (in full or partial)
  • Confirm and pay

Kuwazo Contacts

You can contact Kuwazo within the app by 'Ask A question' link or ;
  • Sms/WhatsApp number  0740279971
  • Email ; talktous@kuwazo.co.ke