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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Tala , Branch USSD Code and SMS Loans

    September 17, 2020   No comments
Tala, Branch International apps

Many have been asking if it possible to get Tala mobile loans or Branch International loans through a USSD code or via SMS.

Currently there are 6 trusted mobile lenders who provide loans via USSD codes  in Kenya.

Check the list now ; 6 USSD Code Lenders in Kenya

 Tala USSD Code and SMS Loans

Currently Tala has an android app which serves as the only platform from which customers can apply for loans.

This means it is not possible to ask fo loan from Tala via USSD code. All you need to do is to download the Tala app from Google play store, create your account and apply for the loan.

Tala has an SMS number 21991 but it's for communication purposes only. It is therefore not possible to borrow tala loans through SMS.

Branch International USSD code and SMS Loans

Branch doesn't have a USSD code or an SMS number at all. Customers use the app for both loans and communication.

To get loans from Branch International , all you have to do is download the app from Google play store, create your account and apply.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

How To Repay Haraka Loan

    September 16, 2020   1 comment
Haraka loan

How can I repay Haraka loan?After receiving the amount of loan applied for from haraka app into your Mpesa account, the next thing will be to repay your loan.

Haraka will send to you some texts containing your loan amount,due date, pay bill number and reference number.These are the details you'll use to repay your loan.

I also use haraka loan app and these are the messages I received after receiving my first loan;

Dear Mwabaya Katana, your loan of Ksh XXX is due for payment on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. Pay your loan on time to keep your credit records clean. Mpesa to Paybill number 817910; your account number your Contract Reference Number {loan ref}. Do not pay money to any GetBucks staff and ignore this message if you have paid.

Dear Mwabaya Katana. Please remember, you payment of XXX.XX is due on 2017/02/27. Please pay via MPESA to paybill number 817910. Reference: XXXXX. Kind
Sorry I have hidden the loan amount and reference number because this applied to me only and to avoid other people from using them while repaying their loans.

After you receive the above messages,you are now set to repay your loan anytime.

Step By Step Process to repay haraka loan

Updated on 25th August 2017
Getbucks have changed the 'Account Number' a borrower is supposed to use while repaying a loan.Check the message they sent to me;

Dear Katana, kindly make your Haraka payment to Paybill no.817910 and your Mobile no as the account no. Apologies for any inconveniences caused earlier.
Please therefore use your mobile phone number as the account number while repaying your next Haraka loan as below;
  • Go to M-pesa menu
  • Select Lipa na M-pesa
  • Select Paybill no (Here enter 817910)
  • Enter Account no(Here enter your Mobile Phone number)
  • Enter amount (enter the loan amount)
  • Enter M-pesa PIN
  • Press OK

That's all.Got it? Please share!

How to Contact Tala App Customer Care

    September 16, 2020   7 comments
How can I contact Tala Mkopo Rahisi? Tala Kenya Mkopo Rahisi contacts?Where to get Tala Mkopo phone numbers?Where can I find mkopo Rahisi premises location in Kenya? These are some of the questions Loans Kenya have been receiving from Tala Kenya customers since the Mobile loan apps in Kenya post went live.

On average, as the Loans Kenya founder,I receive more than 20 direct calls,30 short messages and 20 emails daily from Kenyans using Tala Kenya, formerly Mkopo Rahisi financial services.With a strong quest to help Kenyans,I have been contacting Tala on behalf of their own clients seeking for help or presenting complaints since early this year through their Facebook page.
Tala Kenya app mkopo rahisi contacts

When I thought Kenyans should be contacting Tala directly so that they can get first hand information and also minimize the calls I receive asking for Tala services,I wrote them a message asking for their contacts especially the mobile phone number.When they replied I felt I should share.

Tala Kenya - Formerly Mkopo Rahisi Contacts 

This is the Text from Tala Kenya;
We are a remote lending company, we communicate with customers using Facebook, email and in app chat.
From the above reply,I found that Kenyans consuming Tala quick mobile loan product should use the below three ways to contact Tala.Important! Clients should forget about making direct calls or physical Tala premises visiting.

  1. Kenyans can contacts Tala through the Facebook page Tala-formerly Mkopo Rahisi
  2. Kenyans can send an email to Tala through the email address; hellokenya@talamobile.com 
  3. Kenyans can use the in app chat platform to contact Tala.
  4. UPDATE: Tala customers can now also send SMS to 21991 to get help.
  5. UPDATE:Tala customers can also now send direct messages (DM)  Tala Twitter handle.
The above are the ways a Tala client can reach the lender to present any complaints or seek for any other help.

Why Tala,Branch Loan Apps Hide Location and Contacts

    September 16, 2020   No comments
Tala and Branch apps

Very few and only  chosen individuals know where Tala or Branch offices are. But why should these loan apps hide where their offices are located?

Recently, the Central Bank got mad at digital lenders because of such a reason in addition to others. Not just Tala and Branch but most of the digital lenders dislike disclosing where their business premises are located.

Here are the reasons why ;

Tala and Branch don't like to expose where their premises are.They also don't like customers to call them.They'll call you when the need arises. You can only get them through the app, social media and through email.

Many Kenyans wondered why they are hiding their locations and some of their contacts.The thing is they are after eliminating traditional office visits and human involvement like making and receiving calls.Customers depend on the apps,which is being 'digital'.

Loan apps are trust based.They don't know you but they give you a loan.Why are you looking for them?

Back in 2016 when Tala was gaining popularity, I asked the company to atleast make their numbers public because most of the customers wanted to reach out through calls and this is the reply I got;

Hi Mwabaya,
We are a remote lending company, we communicate with customers using Facebook, email an in app chat.
Thanks for reaching out.

After Some two months  I tried again asking Tala for their phone numbers. This time I contacted them as my blog Loans Kenya Blog and I received the same reply;

The thing is most loan apps will only call you when they need your attention especially when you fail to repay your loan in time. They'll use different numbers to make calls but when you try calling back no one will pick your calls.