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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Access Bank Kenya - Loans , Contacts

    January 28, 2020   No comments
Access Bank Kenya

Access Bank came into the Kenyan Banking industry originally from Nigeria after approval by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) to take over Transnational Bank in Effective 1st February 2020.

Access Bank Loans

The bank biggest target was originally to help corporate organisations to achieve their business dreams through financial backup ,education and management. After a series of mergers with other banks , the lender now helps even individuals and business enterprises to achieve more.

Access therefore gives various tailor made financial solutions to a wide range of clients. The loans include;

  • Personal Loan Solutions 
  • Business Loan Solutions 
  • Corporate Financial Solutions. 

How To Contact Access Bank Kenya

The bank's headquarters are located at Transnational Bank Plaza, City-Hall Way , Nairobi. 

Access Bank phone Numbers;
Call; 2252188/91 
Call ; 0720 081 772
Call; 0780 022 224
WhatsApp/SMS; 0752 219 600

Monday, January 27, 2020

Base Lending Rate Cut Further Down To 8.25 From 8.5 percent

    January 27, 2020   No comments
CBK Governor, Patrick Njoroge

Central Bank's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) on Monday decided to further take the base lending rate down to 8.25 percent to 8.5 percent set last November.

According to the siting committee, the cut to the Central  Bank Rate (CBR) was attributed to better economic conditions, expected reduced inflation rate,increased private sector lending among more favorable conditions.

Although most stakeholders expected the CBR to remain at the same level, Dr Patrick Njoroge ,CBK Governor said ,the drop is expected to initiate more lending by the Commercial Banks.

Due to rate cap removal which happened during the last quarter of last year, commercial banks regulated by CBK will add their desired percentage to the set 8.25 to get the interest rate to be charged on loans offered.

Barclays Introduces Vertical Credit and Debit Cards

    January 27, 2020   No comments
Barclays MD, Jeremy Awori
Barclays Bank of Kenya MD, Jeremy Awori (L) and Sheila Momanyi (R) Branch Manager, Sarit Centre Branch.

Barclays soon to be Absa is introducing Vertical Cards, first in Kenya as transition to new brand Intensifies.

Vertical cards, an Absa initiative will allow customers tap and  go while shopping in selected retail shops.

The cards, both credit and debit will offer so much advantages and benefits to the customers including cashback rewards and discounts as they shop in different outlets.

Equity Opens Branch At Emali

    January 27, 2020   No comments
Equity Bank has opened a new branch located at Emali as it continues to celebrate 35 years of service to Kenyans.

The branch which is along the Nairobi- Mombasa at the New Generations Highway Motel will serve will bring convenience to the people around who used to go distances to get the bank's services.

Equity Bank Kenya