Friday, July 20, 2018

Pengo Path Limited

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Pengo Path loans in kenya

Pengo Path is the lender to approach for quick short term loans that can be secured just within a few minutes of agreement.

Loan Products 

The lender provides short term financing in two categories. At Pengo Path you can ask for ;

  1. Logbook loans 
  2. Salary Advance 

How to Contact Pengo Path Limited 

You can always ask for loans, help and clarification from this company through the contacts below ;

  • Call ;+254 704 812 812
  • Email ;

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Scoppe Loan App

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Scoppe Loan App in Kenya
Scoppe Loan App is a credit platform under Pesa Pata that allows Kenyans to secure quick mobile loans through their android smartphones and tablets.

Getting Started with Scoppe 

You must be above the age of 18yrs with a valid ID or Passport. In addition, you need to have either a Facebook account or Google Account.

  • Download Scoppe Loan App 
  • Sign with either Facebook or Google 
  • Add your ID or Passport number 
  • Add your phone number 
  • Evaluate your loan limit 
  • And your account is ready 

Borrow from Scoppe

The loan amount to borrow can be anything below the loan limit.The interest rate is 1% per day.
  • Login
  • Select 'Loans'
  • Select 'Apply Loans'
  • Select the amount 
  • Duration 
  • Rate 
  • Delivery
You will receive the loan within minutes to your Mpesa number verified by Scoppe.

How to repay Scoppe Loan 

Repayment duration is between 7 days to 1month. Repayments are made weekly.
  • Login
  • Select 'Payments '
  • Fill in the pop up 
  • Submit 

Contact Scoppe Help Team 

After you're logged in, Select 'Support' to get to the FAQs page.Select the menu at the top left corner and select 'Start Conversation '

You can also try PesaPata contacts

Call PesaPata on:0707000222
Email PesaPata on:

Visit PesaPata Help Team at;
Jasmine Center, Block E2, Nxt to Old Safaricom House,Gama Pinto Rd,
Westlands, Nairobi Kenya 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

3 Best Loan Apps In 2018

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3 Top Loan Apps
Loan Apps In Kenya

The list of loan apps is growing steadily in Kenya. About 3 years ago, we only had Tala (which was Mkopo Rahisi by then), Branch International and Saida.Today, we are welcoming a new kid on the bloc like every month!

As I have already said, the list is long and ever growing ,but I'll mention afew  I personally bumped into them.Kindly note that the list is not in any order,just listing the names.

Always look for an updated list of Loan Apps on homepage

Loan Apps List

  • Shika loan app
  • Branch loan app
  • Pesa Zone loan app
  • Jazika loan app 
  • Tala loan app 
  • Stawika Loan App
  • Utunzi Loan App
  • Saida Loan App
  • Timiza Loan App 
  • Afrikash loan app
  • Ubapesa 
  • Okash Loan App 
  • Okolea loan app 
  • Haraka loan app 

I always try the apps before posting for Kenyans on this blog.And because i did ,all these loan apps gave me different experiences as I was interacting with them.

Look at some of what I encountered ;
  • Some apps were easy,simple to use and even attractive in colour while others were not at all.
  • I had to pay fees or charges before applying for loans with some apps
  • I had to upload Mpesa statements for some apps to get and read my data while other apps did everything from the background after giving permissions.
  • With some apps,you can call ,sms, DM on social media or email to get assistance from customer care desks.Some ,you just drop a message within the app.
  • Not all apps disbursed loans instantly.It can take hours or days. Some never worked on weekends. I had to wait till Mondays. 
  • Some apps give rewards for referring friends and family while others don't .The rewards' value and the redeeming terms also varied though.
  • With some apps, I had to wait a bit long (like a day)  for the app to update after making a repayment. Other apps updated instantly.
  • My loan limit increased fast and with large margins with some apps.With others ,the margins were small and increased after a very long while.
  • Some apps gave extremely small loans for a start while others started with thousands. 
  • Some apps charge high interest rates while others charge low affordable rates. 
  • I also found that some apps offered more services in addition to Loans for example buying airtime, insurance and paying bills.

I just can't exhaust all here but am sure I've given a substantial overview right there. Now as per my experiences I would wish to name the best three loan apps which I found most convenient in 2018.

3 Top Loan Apps in 2018

After considering all the experiences I went through while using loan apps, I would name the following apps as the best as of 2018.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Ubapesa Loan App

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Ubapesa Loan app
@Ubapesa logo

Ubapesa app serves as a 'money market' where buyers and sellers of money (in this case, borrowers and lenders) interact. And the good thing is when you register, you become both a borrower and a lender.Just choose what you want to do while within the app at that time.

The app is under Ubapesa Limited, a technology firm based in Nairobi which is helping lenders earn a profit and borrowers access loans for their use.

Getting Started with Ubapesa app

An Android phone or tablet is a must.
  • You first need to download Ubapesa app from play store here.
  • Create your account 
  • Check your credit score
  • Check your loan limit 
  • Go to the money market 
  • Start transacting

Borrowers on Ubapesa

You can apply for a loan that never exceeds your loan limit indicated. The loans are repayable within 10 days ( at 9% interest ) or 20 days (at 10% interest ) or 30 days (at 13% interest )

The approved borrowed loan amount will be sent to your Mpesa number  registered  with Ubapesa with minutes.

Repay Ubapesa Loan

You can repay the loan within the app by selecting 'Repay loan' button.ChooseMpesa and enter the amount, enter mpesa pin and press 'OK'

You can also go to Mpesa menu and pay as follows;

  • Go to Mpesa
  • Select Lipa na mpesa 
  • Select Paybill 
  • Enter business number 144966 (this is the Ubapesa paybill number)
  • Account number (is your phone number registered on Ubapesa)
  • Amount enter the loan amount due 
  • Enter PIN 
  • Press Ok
Now go back to Ubapesa app and select repay loan to make it refresh and update your account. 

Lend on Ubapesa 

Before you can lend money on Ubapesa,  you need to add funds to you account. 

Add Funds into Ubapesa 

While within the app, you select Add Funds to UbaAccount, input the amount of money and proceed.
You can also use the Mpesa menu and follow the steps;

  • Go to Mpesa 
  • Lipa na Mpesa
  • Paybill 
  • Enter business number 144966
  • Account number (is your phone number )
  • Enter amount you wish to add to Ubapesa 
  • Enter Mpesa PIN 
  • Ok
Kindly note that the maximum you can lend is ksh140000 .To lend anything above the maximum, Please contact Ubapesa. 

How to lend

You can lend by allowing Ubapesa to match your requirements with a borrower automatically after you provide the amount,credit score and duration. 

You can also choose a borrower manually from the list of borrowers on the market regardless of your set conditions. 

As a lender you still choose to do single lending meaning you lend to a single borrower and wait till they repay.If you choose multilending you will continue lending till the principal gets exhausted. 

Earning on Ubapesa

Lenders earn up to 42.5% of the facilitation fee (interest ) and the remaining 57.5% goes to Ubapesa for settling platform charges,insurance and withholding fees.
If you wish to withdraw your funds Select Withdraw from Ubapesa Account,enter the amount and Ubapesa pin. You'll receive the money into your Mpesa number which you registered with on Ubapesa platform. 

The good thing is that you don't have to contact the borrowers yourself but Ubapesa does it for you. There's a guarantee from Ubapesa that when borrowers don't repay, you still get back your money in 60 days after loan due date.

Contact Ubapesa 

Ubapesa customers can reach out to the team through;
Call; 0709693000
Email to ;

Ubapesa Offices are located at Golf View Office Suites in Muthaiga on 2ambui Road,off Thika Road. 4th Floor Office No A4