Thursday, August 02, 2018

HF Whizz First Loan App For iOS Users

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HF Whizz Loan App Kenya for iOS
@HFgroupKE Whizz App 

Housing Finance Corporation (HFC) becomes first to allow iOS device users to experience the world of loan apps after crafting both Android and iOS versions of Whizz App launched recently.

I understand there are iOS versions for most banking apps like Eazzy app, Sc Mobile, Mfukoni app, KCBMobile,PesaPap,NatMobile  ,BOA mobile just to mention a few.However ,what you should notice though is that with all banking apps, you MUST be a customer to the bank with an active account which will be linked to the app for you to enjoy the services.

For the majority of popular apps like Branch,Tala, Timiza, Saida,Haraka which are available for use to anyone with a smartphone are crafted for Android device users only.
Whizz is different by being also available to iPhone, iPad and iPod users.

Download Whizz App from App Store

I understand, the population of iOS users is somehow low in Kenya but HF atleast gave a chance to the guys to also taste how it feels to get a loan instantly ,anywhere ,anytime  by just opening an app from their smartphones.

HF Whizz Loan App

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HF Whizz Loan App Kenya
@HFGroupKE Whizz App
HFC Whizz App allows quick access to loans among other finance services  to its users both on Android and iOS smartphones in Kenya.

Apart from borrowing, what you can also do in a whizz include  paying bills, buying goods,buying airtime, deposit into whizz,sending money to hfc or other bank or Mpesa and sharing the app to friends.

Housing Finance Corporation (HFC) launched the app a week ago,but today I had the time to test and post my experience with the whizz app as I have been doing with the other apps.

After registration, the app demanded a deposit of ksh200 before calculating my loan limit and start taking loans.There is this new trend Know Your Customer (KYC) and HF is a trusted company therefore I deposited ksh500 and they gave me a loan limit of ksh6000 !

The good thing is that any Kenyan with a national ID card can try whizz.You don't need to be an existing customer with HF Bank to use this. The app will create a virtual account for you.

I borrowed ksh 1000 and I sent it to my Mpesa account and it happened in a whizz ! If you need to give the app a try, follow the steps below;

Getting Started with HF Whizz App

  • Download HFC Whizz App from Playstore for those using Android devices and check Whizz on App store for those using iOS.
  • Create your HF Whizz virtual account by providing your phone number and ID number.
  • Confirm by entering verification ( temporary pin)code sent to your phone number.
  • Set your new PIN 
  • Your account is active, just in a Whizz .

Borrowing from Whizz App

Am using Android device, I don't know about the iOS whizz experience. However all loans attract an interest of CBR plus 4% and 6% commission  fee. Loans start from ksh.1000 to a maximum of ksh.50000

  • Open the app
  • Select Loans
  • Enter your PIN
  • Select duration, 
  • Input amount you wish to borrow (not to exceed loan limit)
  • Choose reason for loan
  • Proceed.
Your loan will then be deposited into your Whizz account. Choose Send Mpesa to transfer the money to your Mpesa number. 

Repay Whizz Loan

Loans can be repaid through HFC Bank deposit, pay from Mpesa or pay from Whizz account.
Repayment period ranges between 1 day and 180 days (6 months) depending on the loan taken. 

  • Open the app
  • Select Loans
  • Select Repay Loan
  • Enter amount 
  • Proceed to repay using your Whizz account. 
If you choose Mpesa (if your Whizz account balance is insufficient),
you'll be prompted to enter your Mpesa PIN to complete the transaction. 

You'll then receive a notification about the repayment. 

Contact HF Whizz Team,

If you have the app, just open the app, select the menu on top left hand corner and then select 'Contact us '.
You can then write a message ,call, email or check HFC social media pages.

You can reach out to the help team through directly here;
  • Toll free number; 0800721400
  • Call; 0709438888
  • Call ; 020 326 2888
  • Email;

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Cheap Loans As MPC Further Lowers CBR To 9 Percent

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MPC Press Release

Monetary Policy Team chaired  by CBK Governor,Dr. Patrick Njoroge on Monday 30th July, came to a favourable conclusion to borrowers by taking the CBR further down from 9.5% to 9%.

Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) had been taking the CBR down since the rate capping law came into force.CBR was 10.5 % in end 2016 when rate cap came in. MPC dropped it to 10% ,then 9.5% and now down to  9% in July 2018.

Despite forces to scrap rate capping, MPC placed CBR at 9% making loans cheap .Banks will now be forced to charge a maximum of 4% above CBR thus 13% will be the new maximum for all CBK regulated lenders.

Njoroge and the team attributed the move as a result of increased optimism on growth ,strong pickup in economic activity, favourable weather among other favourable factors.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Equity Bank Becomes First To Offer American Express Cards In Kenya

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American Express card

Equity Bank will become the first American Express Card issuer in Kenya.This is as a result of a business partnership announced Friday  with the  popular and secure financial services provider in the US and the world at large.

The cards range from personal cards ,small business cards,corporate cards and serve prepaid cards.

This will allow Equity Bank to offer credit,debit and gift cards to its customers as well as other  benefits as they experience the lifestyle that comes with being in American Express network.

The lender is known for major partnerships with international financial services providers including World Bank,MasterCard and PayPal.