Urgent Loan 10000: Free APK Download For Android, iPhone

You can get an urgent loan of 10000 from loan apps in Kenya which you can download for free and install into your android smartphone or iPhone. 

In this article I will be sharing information on how to get 10000 loan urgent via mobile loan apps.

Urgent Loans in Kenya

Urgent loans refer to loan facilities disbursed instantly upon approval of the loan application.

Instantly can mean atleast in less than 5 minutes.

In Kenya, nothing beats loan apps when it comes to instant loans.

Due to the availability of the M-Pesa mobile wallet, mobile loan apps can disburse loans to approved borrowers instantly.

It is also easy to get the money due to the availability of many M-Pesa agent kiosks all over Kenya. 

Urgent loan 10000

An urgent loan amount of 10000 is a very good amount to secure in Kenya.

With 10000 a customer can solve a number of financial emergencies for example medical bills, rent, school fees, stock among others.

As already said, there is nothing that can beat a loan app today in disbursing the quickest personal loans.

As promised allow me to share the list of the loan apps which can give instant 10000 loans.

Urgent loan 10000 loan apps
Although there are many loan apps out there,not all can give 10000 easily as loans. 

In this list am about to share,it will involve loan apps, Safaricom loans,ussd code loans and STK menu loans which can give 10000 urgent loan even if someone is applying for the first time. 

Allow me to again separate urgent loans app via Android smartphones with 10000 loan apps for iPhone; 

Urgent loan 10000 apps free APK for Android


If you have been using a Safaricom line for more than six months you should be qualified to try Fuliza.

Not everyone gets a high loan limit (sh 10000) but some can.

If you find that your Fuliza limit is 10000 you can then get an urgent 10000 loan via Fuliza.

To check if you qualify for a Fuliza loan, dial *334# or download and install M-Pesa app.


Anyone who have a Safaricom line older than 6 months can qualify for an M-Shwari loan.

If you're in good CRB standings with sufficient evidence of financial stability,you can get an M-Shwari loan of 10000 as an urgent loan even if it's your first time loan.

To check if you qualify for an M-Shwari loan, open your mpesa menu, then select loans and then select M-Shwari. 

You can also find M-Shwari within the M-Pesa app.


This is another urgent loan 10000 lender. With KCBM-PESA,all you need is a Safaricom line older than 6 months.

A customer can get 10000 urgently from KCBM-Pesa via M-Pesa menu, M-Pesa app or KCB app.


This loan app has mastered the art of reading and understanding a customers data before coming up with a lending decision.

Although your first time interaction tala can still give up to 10000 urgent loan.

All you need to do is to download Tala app from Google play store and see if you qualify for 10000 loan.


Branch loan app logo
Branch Loan App Logo

With Branch, you can get urgent loan 10000 just by downloading the app from Google play store and creating your account.

Branch is also the neobank of Kenya operating as a microfinance bank too.


Zenka has also joined Tala and Branch in mastering the art of evaluating a customers data and coming up with a lending decision.

You can get an urgent loan of 10000 from Zenka even if it's your first time. 


Timiza is owned by Absa Bank and can give an urgent loan of 10000 instantly to qualified borrowers.

You can download Timiza from Google play store, install and see if you qualify for a loan.

Urgent loan 10000 apps for iPhone 

Those using iPhones can still get urgent 10000 loans from apps available from free via Appstore.

Here are some of the mobile loan apps to get urgent 10000 loans; 


You can still get a Fuliza loan of 10000 if you're using an iPhone.

You can dial *334# or download mpesa app from Apple Appstore.


Timiza app screenshot iPhone
Timiza App Screenshot from Apple Appstore 

This loan app is available for iPhone users. You can get an urgent loan of 10000 instantly to solve your financial emergencies.

All you have to do is go to Apple Appstore, search for timiza and download the app.

M-Pesa Loans 

You can get urgent loan 1000 via M-Pesa loans like KCBM-PESA and M-Shwari.

To access these, you'll have to download M-Pesa app from Apple Appstore.

From within the M-Pesa app, activate KCBM-PESA and M-Shwari to see your loan limits.

Urgent loan 10000 apps conclusion

Though not easy, but is actually possible to get an urgent loan from app both on android (free apps, apps) and iPhones (iOS gadgets).

Just like any other loans, I would advise you to be careful not to damage your credit scores by defaulting on the loans.


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