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This  blog was founded in 2014 by Mwabaya Katana.

Today Loans Kenya Blog is the trusted online resource for breaking news about disruptive lending tactics & lenders plus tested & recommended new loan products.

We also provide step by step tutorials for free on how to use financial and CRB products through articles,videos,voice calls,sms ,emails and our social media pages.
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Don't forget that we also tell Kenyans how to identify and avoid loan scams.

Mwabaya Katana 

Mwabaya Katana, Loans Blog Founder
Mwabaya Katana 

Mwabaya Katana Founder ,Loans Kenya Blog
Mwabaya Katana 

I was born in Malindi Town in Kilifi County.Am a proud Mijikenda doing amazing things mostly independently.

Am the man behind the birth of Loans Kenya Blog .I started this blog as a way to avail to fellow citizens, consolidated and beneficial information about loans,CRB and the legitimate lending companies in Kenya.

The idea came in at that point back in 2014 When I wanted to get a loan to start a business, two years after dropping out of campus under fees grounds.

I didn't know much about blogging and coding but I was happy to see that many Kenyans were consuming and enjoying  my content.I started receiving calls from my blog visitors at around  Septemberback in 2014 .People want my help and direction before choosing a loan product up to date.

What some people don't know is that I have helped out thousands for free so far and am happy for that.

This is the blog that opened the world for me.I make new friends because of this blog.I also put food on the table because of this blog.

Catch me as Mwabaya Katana on Facebook and Instagram.