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Zenka loan app is a mobile money lending platform which provides fast and affordable loans to borrowers in Kenya via M-PESA.

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What is Zenka

Balance and harmony are what characterize new loan provider on the Kenyan market. Dedicated to all people who would like to follow their dreams Zenka launched easy and accessible application available on Google Play Store. Forget about bank queues and prolonged credit evaluations. At Zenka Finance, you are always the first in line. With the limit up to 20 000 KES, intuitive and user-friendly interface this new player might very soon become one of the key providers. 

Zenka is sometimes misspelled as zenk or zen loan app.

For those who want the video version of Zenka Loan App , kindly check the video below from our Loans vLog YouTube Channel; 

Zenka loan app video

Why Zenka:

Intuitive interface
Easy registration and application process
Minimum formalities
Member Get Member program to get some money back
Extensions for 7 days, 14 days or 30 days
Additional loan amounts and top ups

Client reviews:

“Just in love with the App, my first time to download the
app and my first time to get the loan in a very short time. Pap!!! I had
received the money... And customer care desk is fast in responding to your
enquiries. I just love it very much, the best app for financial
difficulties” Google Play Store user

“This app is gorgeously cute, fantastic. ....it's a true loan lender...keep
it up guys....your work is just clean”  Google Play Store user

“So far the best loan app ever. Excellent customer service. Excellent
disbursement of cash. There's an option to extend your repayment date.
Overall, I was impressed by how they engage their customers. Would
definitely recommend this to others. To zenka, keep up the good work.”
Google Play Store user

Getting Started 

Download the app

  • Visit the Google Play Store. Search for Zenka Loan App and download it on your mobile. Our lending platform can also be accessed by USSD Code *841#
  • Fill the application form
  • After downloading our app, choose how much money you need and sign up with Zenka.
  • Receive money on your M-Pesa account

Your application will be evaluated, and when it is approved, you will receive money on your M-Pesa account.

Repay on time and build a positive credit history
Timely repayment increases your credit limit and allows you to apply for higher amounts in the future.

Loan extensions

Loan extensions are a feature that gives you more control over your loan by letting you postpone your due date by 7, 14 or 30 days. To apply for a loan extension, the client needs to have an active loan that is not 30 days past due.

Additional loan amounts and top ups

Additional amounts are a flexible feature that allows you to top up your existing loan with extra cash, up to your current credit limit. To apply for the additional loan amount, the client needs to have an active loan and their loan principal must be below your credit limit.

Regain your balance

At Zenka Finance, we believe in people and their potential. We also know that every potential, every spark must sometimes be fed with instant cash so that ideas and needs can be realized.

More Information  

Get full product description at this link Zenka Website



  1. I don't like this kind of message from Zenka telling me that my Zenka loan is due. I don't have any loan from Zenka please. Stop this nonsense please.

  2. Good evening,

    you people do have cantact no we can call u or your office location, I am
    kindly requesting to know the status of my loan that I have rapaid

  3. Kindly update my Crb status,
    Send batch number ,
    ID NO 11494347,
    Stephen Keah

  4. I saw that You have written about Zenka so You are familiar with the topic:
    There's a lot of noise on FB and other socials that Zenka gives now free loans as many time as You want till end of the year. Can You prove it as proffessional journalist? Is it possible or it is some fake and they charge with some hidden costs?
    I saw for example Gidi Gidi and Alex Mwakideu talking about it :/

    1. They give free first loans. If you don't want to pay the loan in full, you can buy time and pay later.
      Read here ; https://www.loans.info.ke/2019/05/zenka-is-giving-free-loans.html

  5. Kindly update my CRB status.ID 29585673

  6. Kindly update my crb status I’d no 28444531

  7. Kindly update my crb status I paid back long time ago

    Id no

  8. You claimed I have your loan and I have never registered with Zenka,and after consulting you now you can't pick calls.

  9. what's wrong you guys have just paid my loan 30mins ago yet you are telling me I don't quilify for a loan what's up

  10. Your high interests though...

  11. Kindly assist me reset my password..it's rejecting my high school name in the security questions..

  12. Replies
    1. Hello,
      Kindly check Zenka Contacts here https://www.loans.info.ke/2021/03/how-to-contact-zenka-app-customer-care.html


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