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Thank you for showing interest in advertising with Loans Kenya.Generally,our advertisers are limited to businesses in the  finance and banking sectors.These businesses may include but not limited to commercial banks ,savings and credit cooperative societies(saccos) and microfinance institutions.

Due to limited space on our blog,we accept advertisements on 'first come first served' basis.Advertisements are accepted three days before the showing date ( going live on blog).


Loans Kenya currently accept the following ad types.
NOTE;All ads will show on both desktop and mobile versions of our blog.

Sizes allowed include 300" by 250", 728'' by 90'' and 250"by 250"

Put your name on our posts and direct visitors to your products.Loans Kenya will write a normal post and link it to the advertiser who sponsored the post.

Advantage;The post will also be posted on our social media pages including facebook,twitter,linkedin google+ and our email subscribers.

We (Loans Kenya) will list your business as one of our favourite companies after paying a small fee.Our blog visitors will most likely go through what we favourited.

Loans Kenya will write a thorough and detailed review in collaboration with the advertiser about the concerned company/business.On paying a small fee,we will post the review on our blog.

Advantage;The post will also be published on our social media pages including facebook,twitter,linkedin, google+ and our email subscribers.


All advertisement prices will be based on agreement between Loans Kenya and the advertiser/company/business concerned.


Banner ads and Business listing will take a maximum of one month showing on our blog while sponsored posts and reviews will exist for long as the blog.


Ads termination should be asked for two days before the onset date (going live on blog).This will attract full refunding to the advertiser concerned.

 Once the ads go live, no money will be refunded to the advertiser even if  termination is requested for by the advertiser or by law.However,the ad in question will be taken down.

For live ads to continue showing past the termination date,the concerned advertiser should request for the same two days earlier.However,there will be no guarantee that the request will be approved.


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