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Our Services

We provide the following services;

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(1) Loans 

We went into partnerships with companies that can provide loans.

  • -Salary Advance 
  • -Logbook loans
  • -Title deed loans
  • -Motorbike loans
And More 

(2) Online Advertising 

We help finance companies reach out to their clients through our blogs.We have tailored options to every client.

  • -Banner Ads
  • -Sponsored Articles/Reviews 
  • -Product & Market Research 
And More.

(3) Web and App Development 

In partnership with other companies,  we help businesses create websites and apps.

  • -Loan Apps
  • -Ecommerce websites
And More

(4) Legal Services 

We partnered with Legal Consultancy  companies to provide a variety of legal services including but not limited to;

  •   - Company Law including Registration,Advisory on shareholding,corporate restructuring and more
  • - Advisory opinions and Legal Research
  • - Intellectual Property Law (Patent and Trademark registration and related advisory and research) 
  •  -Commercial Law (Draft,review of agreements and other commercial contracts) 
  • - Arbitration  and ADR Consulting as well as party arbitration
  • -Legal training and capacity building
  • -General legal bits including contracts,affidavits,stamping and certifying of documents.

Our Contacts

Mwabaya Media
Call; +254790503920
Email; mwabaya@loans.info.ke