Why your Fuliza Limit is Zero

Fuliza Mpesa

Before using Fuliza, you must get a loan limit from Safaricom through your M-Pesa account.

Fuliza is an overdraft facility that Safaricom offers to Mpesa customers who have used the service for more than 6 months. In other words Fuliza is a service that enables mpesa customers to complete transactions even when there's insufficient funds in their mpesa wallets.

The transactions that one can do with a fuliza overdraft loan include;

  • Sending money 
  • Buying goods
  • Paying bills 
To get started, you'll have to opt in to use Fuliza service. You can download Mysafaricom app if you have a smartphone or dial *234# and enrolled.

Why is your loan limit zero? It is possible to have a zero fuliza overdraft limit. In fact that's where your fuliza journey will start but again its the most common limit.

There are reasons though why your fuliza limit will be zero and those reasons include;

  • If your mpesa account is less than 6 months old.
  • If your mpesa account is less active with less transactions. 
  • If your mpesa account changed negatively 
  • If you're blacklisted by the CRB 
  • If you have an unpaid fuliza loan.


  1. Why has my fuliza limit turned to 0 kshs after opting out and in back again?. My fuliza limit was 4,500 before and my mpesa and fuliza account is fully active and with a clean repayment records

  2. Too, I experienced the same problem

  3. why cant my limit grow?i have been transacting using mpesa for the past 2 years now,i have a clean record but my limit is still 0

    1. Exact same situation. I totally don’t understand

  4. Why was my fuliza limit pushed to 0from900 ali

  5. I need a loan for fuliza

  6. My fuliza limit was 300 after opting out ,when I opted in again it turned to be 0.00

  7. Why my fuliza limit is zero

  8. why my fuliza is zore limit

  9. Why my fuliza limit was 300 but when I opted opted out drop to zero

  10. Why my fuliza limit is zero and I was having limit of 500


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