Fuliza M-Pesa Loan - How to Apply For Loans, Interest Rates Charged, How To Contact Fuliza

Fuliza Mpesa loan Kenya

Fuliza Mpesa loan is a form of overdraft by Kenya's largest telco Safaricom and it's mshwari partner Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA).

The service first mentioned late last year by Safaricom is now operational and available to Mpesa users who choose to opt in and enjoy the benefits of this 'okoa loan' which I predicted sometimes back.

Read it Safaricom Okoa Mpesa Loans

This is the invitation sms from Fuliza I received;

Dear customer, Fuliza M-PESA is a new service by Safaricom to help you send money and Lipa na M-PESA when you have insufficient funds. Dial *234# to opt in

What's Fuliza

It's an overdraft service or simply Okoa Mpesa loan which allows mpesa users to send money to friends and relatives or pay for services through  Lipa na Mpesa with less or zero mpesa account balance.

Getting Started with Fuliza

You need to be an Mpesa user. With or without a smartphone you can still join fuliza by dialling *234# and select FULIZA. Proceed to accept the terms and conditions and finally register.

This is the sms I got after a successful opt in;

Dear MWABAYA, you have successfully opted into Fuliza M-PESA. Enjoy limit of Ksh 7000.00 at an Access fee of 1% and a daily fee of Kshs 0-30 on outstanding balance.
My start limit was ksh7000. This means I can send money to friends and relatives or use Lipa na Mpesa to get services worth 7k below my current Mpesa account balance.

Fuliza Loan Rates and Fees

The loan comes with an access fee of 1% of the overdraft and a daily fee of ksh 1. If you'll repay the loan after 30 days you'll have to add ksh30 as the daily fee.If you repay the same day after getting the overdraft you'll pay nil daily fee.

Withdrawing Fuliza Mpesa loan 

Actually you can't withdraw this money directly from your Mpesa account as of now. You can get this money if you'll send it to a friend or relative and then ask them to withdraw that cash from an Mpesa agent and hand it back to you.

The intended use however is 'emergency' like  paying for items or services through Lipa na Mpesa even if your Mpesa balance is low or nil.

Repay Fuliza Loan 

Safaricom will be doing direct deductions from deposits into your Mpesa account till the fuliza overdraft is fully settled.
Fuliza Loan must be fully paid after 30days. If the loan remains unpaid for more than 90days, you'll be negatively listed (blacklisted) with the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB).

Fuliza M-Pesa Contacts 

As earlier said, Fuliza is a Credit Facility provided by Safaricom and NCBA Bank. In this regard, Fuliza customers can contact any of the two companies mentioned for help; 

Contact Safaricom Fuliza customer care 

  • Call/SMS to 100 or 234 or 0722 002 100 ( prepaid customers only)
  • Dial USSD Codes ; *100# or *234#
  • Call /SMS to 234 or 200 or 0722 002 200 (postpaid customers only)

Contact NCBA Bank Fuliza Customer care 

  • Call ; 0711 056 444
  • Call ; 0732 156 444


  1. Have tried Fuliza joining with my phone but still am getting some challenges... assist please

  2. Daily fee is not ksh 1/- but ksh 30/-. That is what I was charged.
    Kindly confirm.

  3. Is the daily fee ksh 1/- or 30/-?

  4. nice blog.simple and direct...i searched on about 10 or more sites till i found it here.i neeeded to know if i can withdraw fuliza money directly from my phone.thanks.


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