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M-Pesa Contacts

M-Pesa is the most popular mobile wallet in Kenya owned by Safaricom PLC and its moving trillions of Kenya Shillings each year from individual to individual or customers to businesses and vice versa. 

This mobile wallet has become the largest digital bank in Kenya where customers have the ability to store up to ksh 140,000 (now up to ksh 300,000 due to COVID-19).

Due to the easy and fast access to money in an M-Pesa wallet and the ability to pay for goods and services via Lipa na Mpesa, millions of people are using this service. 

Every Safaricom subscriber has the ability of owning an M-Pesa wallet on activation. The process is simple and doesn't not take much of a customer's time.

What You Can Do With M-Pesa

With an M-Pesa wallet,  a customer can do perform the following services with more coming up every now and then;

  1. Send Money 
  2. Receive Money 
  3. Withdraw money from an M-Pesa agent 
  4. Save money ( in your M-Pesa account or Mfuko wa Biashara  account or M-shwari account or KCBMPesa account)
  5. Pay for goods and services through Lipa na Mpesa (via Paybill number or Till Number)
  6. Buy airtime 
  7. Fuliza
  8. Borrow Loans ( Mshwari and KCBMPesa)

How To Contact Safaricom 

Safaricom is the parent company to M-Pesa and that's why before you can become an M-Pesa wallet holder, you'll have to be a Safaricom subscriber by getting yourself a Safaricom SIM card.

Your Mpesa menu will then show within the Safaricom SIM card on activation. In this regard you can always contact Safaricom for help about Mpesa. 

Here are the Most Common Safaricom Contacts, including phone numbers; 

Safaricom Prepaid Customers Contacts 

  • Call 100
  • Call 0722 002 100

Safaricom Postpaid Customers Contacts 

  • Call 200
  • Call 0722 002 200

How To Contact Mpesa Customers Care phone numbers 

Apart from contacting Safaricom, you can reach out to the M-Pesa customer care desk directly if you have a problem specifically about Mpesa.

Some of the reasons for contacting Mpesa may include but not limited to; 
  • Forgetting and blocking Mpesa PIN
  • Send money to wrong number, asking for reversal
  • Asking for an M-Pesa statement 
  • Asking for Fuliza limit 

Mpesa has a one direct number that every customer can call for help. There is also a USSD code for the same number for self service actions.

To get help from Mpesa Customer Care; 
  • Call 234
  • Dial *234#


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