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2 Easy Ways To Increase Fuliza Loan Limit

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If you have been using mpesa on your safaricom line for more than half a year, its most probably that you can use fuliza overdraft service.

You can dial *234#  or download mysafaricom app from play store to opt in and or check your fuliza loan limit.

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How to Increase fuliza loan limit 

After checking your limit you'll find it to be zero meaning you currently don't qualify for fuliza loan or the limit can be any number above zero.

But why is it that the limit is always the figure you found first when you decided to opt in? Can the limit increase? Yes.Here is what to do;

  • Use Safaricom and Mpesa services frequently 
  • Pay your loans on time.


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  1. The service are good but on my side I was getting fuliza loan of 1500 without knowing I longout the day I was needed it I opt in my limit was 00.can I be helpd to get my limit

  2. My fuliza doesn't increase

  3. According to all terms and conditions for fuliza , I qualify to get a limit of more than zero but it is still zero .. please help

  4. I opted out and when I opted in again my limit dropped from 3500 to 500 what would be the problem

  5. I accidentally loged out my fuliza,when I realized & loged on again,my limit had been reduced from 5500 to 4500.what do i to regain back my limit?

  6. Help me grow my limit I use to get 500 it now reads 309

  7. I get my limit 1500 by when I opt out and opt in my limit goes to 500 what should I do to go back to my limit

  8. My limit was 1500 when I opt out and opt in my limit goes to 500 what should I do to go back to my limit