Why Your KCB M-PESA Loan Limit is Zero

Have you ever wondered why your KCB M-Pesa loan limit is zero? Don't be wondering anymore.

There are some particular reasons as to why such a limit is given to you and I will share the reasons here.

First, KCB M-Pesa is a loan and savings service provided by Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) through Safaricom's Mpesa mobile money service.

Before one can get a loan from KCB M-PESA, he or she must be a Safaricom subscriber with a registered Mpesa account.

The system doesn't it's own evaluations before coming up with a loan limit for each M-Pesa user. Here are now the reasons why the loan limit you will be awarded will be zero;

  1. If your Safaricom number is less than six months old. 
  2. If your don't frequently use Mpesa to send or receive cash
  3. If you're blacklisted by the CRB
  4. If you don't save or withdraw frequently from your KCBMPESA account 
  5. If you have an existing active loan with KCB M-PESA. 


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