4 Proven Steps To Increase Your Timiza Loan Limit


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How to increase Timiza loan limit? How to grow Timiza loan limit? How to increase my Absa Timiza loan limit? 

Its possible to increase your Timiza loan limit. The app provides loans ranging from kes 50 all the way up to kes 150,000 disbursed instantly to your Timiza account. 

For a start, the initial loan limit varies per customer. The lowest loan limit is zero for those disapproved and any number between kes 50 and kes 150,000 for those you qualify. 

My first loan limit was ksh 10,000. I recommend you to read my story here ; Timiza Loan App

But what can one do to have his or her Timiza loan limit grow? In this article  I will share the simple but proven ways to increase you limit. 

4 Ways to Increase Timiza Loan Limit 

When you already have an account with Timiza, this is what you can do to grow your loan limit; 

  1. Transact within the Timiza app. Buy airtime, deposit cash into your account ,buy insurance or pay bills.
  2. Opening a Zidisha Account and save money within the Timiza app
  3. Increase you activity on M-Pesa and other Safaricom services 
  4. Pay your previous Timiza loan on time 



  1. Timiza loan imenitoa kwa umaskini,after working with them for more than 2yrs I tell you,my loan limit imeongezwa Hadi 39100..hii pesa iko sawa kwa biashara zangu, I'm looking forward to the day when I'll click the peak target of this 150k,itabidi muniite kwa office zenu tu discuss vile tutaongea limit to 500000k,TIMIZA SIHAMI.


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