Can Tala, Branch, Okash, Zenka List You In CRB


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Loan apps like Tala,Branch, Zenka, Okash among others have been a nice source of fast loans to borrowers in Kenya for years. 

When COVID-19 hit Kenya, many Kenyan borrowers were affected financially in one way or the other.

Most people lost their jobs while some had to close their businesses due to the new laws imposed and the low purchasing power from customers. 

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) saw a sharp increase in the number of loan defaulters being listed with the CRB negatively. As the regulator for both the major lenders and the Credit Bureaus, CBK took some measures to reduce the rise.

Tala ,Zenka and Others Can List You With The CRB

One of the measures CBK took was to stop unregulated digital lenders (loan apps) from accessing CRB services. 

Since last year (2020) unregulated loan apps started to cease submitting the names of those who default on their loans to the CRB for blacklisting. 

Now that Tala,Branch and other manya apps are licensed, they can blacklist defaulters to the CRB.

Which Are some of the other popular loan apps that can list borrowers in CRB?

Here is a list of some of the loan apps that the CBK licensed and can send defaulters details to the CRB for blacklisting; 

  • Zash
  • Opesa
  • Saida
  • PesaFlash 
  • FlashPesa 
  • Loanbee 
  • Kava
  • Tunzi
  • Stawika 
  • Credit Hela 
  • KashWay 
  • OCredit 
  • Pesazone
  • Wezesha 
  • Okolea 
  • Umba




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