Tala and Branch Compared - Which is the Best

Tala and Branch

Tala and Branch are the oldest of all loan apps in the mobile lending market in Kenya and in the whole world too.

So many people have been asking this question. Which is the best between Tala and Branch? What do you think Is Tala the best or is Branch the best?

It is not an easy question. All the apps have the best colours, have stable app systems, have a good user interface, are secure and provide quick loans too.

In this post, because am helping borrowers know which of the two loan apps might be the best, I'll focus on the loan aspect and try to compare the two lenders;

 Loan Apps
 Loan Amount 
 Repayment Duration 
 Interest Rate 
 Other Charges 
 max ksh 30,000
 30 days (1month)
 max 19.25 %
 late fees 
 max ksh 70,000
 up to 336 days (1 year)
 max 20 %
 No late fees, 
No rollover fees

From the Table above ,you can try and choose the app you feel comfortable with and can approach for a loan.

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