Tala or Branch: Which is the Best Loan App

Branch loan app beats Tala : See why the lender wins.

Tala and Branch logos

Tala and Branch are the oldest of all loan apps in the mobile lending market in Kenya and in the whole world as well.

So many people have been asking this question ; Which is the best between Tala and Branch? What do you think?  Is Tala the best or is Branch the best?

It is not an easy question. All the apps have the best colours, have stable app systems, have a good user interface, are secure and provide quick loans too.

In this post, because am helping borrowers know which of the two loan apps might be the best, I'll focus on the loan aspect and other major differences and try to compare the two lenders back to back.

Tala and Branch Comparison

If we concentrate only on matters loan then these are the major features of the facilities provided by the two major mobile money lenders in Kenya;

Features Tala Branch
Loan Limits Max 30k Max 100k
Interest Rates 4 - 34% per month 2 - 18% per month
Loan Tenure 30 days ( extend to 61 days) 30 days - 1 year
Late Fees 8% once None
Rated 4.4 stars out of 5 4.5 stars out of 5
Downloads 10M+ 10M+


For me Branch is the best. Why Branch wins is because it has the lowest interest rates, highest loan limits, highest repayment duration,no late fees and rated 4.5 stars by existing customers on Google play store.


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