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Zash loan app Kenya Logo
Zash Loan App Logo

Zash loan app is a mobile money lending platform which provides fast and affordable loans to borrowers in Kenya via M-PESA.

Formerly KopaKash also misspelled as kashkop,is a fast cash mobile lender giving personal loans to borrowers in Kenya at the time of need. This shouldn't be mistaken for zasha loan app.

Who owns Zash app? The lender is owned by Zillions Credit Limited Company.

Zash loans - interest rates, loan limits 

Loans from zash range from Ksh500 to a maximum of Ksh50,000 disbursed instantly and directly to the borrower's M-Pesa account.

Zash interest rate is 25% per year maximum APR.

Zash Loan app download

To borrow from zash app, first you need to Download zash app form play store and create your profile or account. Once done, you can then apply for the loan which should be exactly or lower than the loan limit provided.

Zash loan app video

You can watch zash loan app information on our Loans vLog YouTube Channel;

Pay Zash Loan Via M-Pesa Paybill 

Use Zash Paybill number 733555 as follows;

  • Go to your mpesa menu 
  • Select lipa na mpesa 
  • Select Paybill 
  • Enter business 733555 ( this is Zash Paybill number)
  • Account number; enter your mobile phone number 
  • Enter loan amount 
  • Enter mpesa PIN 
  • Confirm and submit 

How to pay Zash Via Bank

Transfer or deposit loan amount to these bank details; 

Account Name; Lui Bo
Account number; 2041217491
Short Code; 03094

Zash loan customer care contacts 

You can open the chat within the app  and send a message  to zash team.



  1. I paid my loan of 500/= and upgraded to 1000/= after applying for the same, I haven't received the money yet your indicates that the money was disbursed, kindly check where the problem was and rectify.

  2. Enter your comment...have tried resetting my password bt imekataa please help me

  3. Hi, I lost my phone but I am unable to get the loan app again using my new phone

  4. How can somebody list me while taking a loan without informing me,what does one require to list somebody

    1. Same here...these guys are crazy...they keep writing a demand SMS to me. How on earth do you zashloan start harassing somebody who never took your loan. Imagine they keep writing I pay money by 4 o'clock failure to which they will take action. The line is mine but the name of the debtor is not mine & the money was not sent to my line but the debtor wrote my number as a reference & her line is switched off. Please try & put your house in order. That's none of my business.

    2. They send these messages to any contact in the applicants phone book since the app has access to phone book. There is no difference between the app and a virus.

  5. I have forgotten my code ad it my not long in

  6. Hi,zash told me my limit is Ksh 10,000 but but am trying to upload my Id & my Id n my photo but all in fail what is the proplem

  7. I wish there was a customer care number I have tried to enter their code but nothing is working .

  8. You gave alimit of 500 but I haven't received the money after applying it's now four days

  9. Zashloan why involve my contact list on a loan that is paid?some of us being your genuine clients have the role to play in the society.some of this contact you involve are the same who makes our ends meet. You write to them telling them you can't trace the borrower yet the number is active and all your money is paid.I think what you have done is unfair. Just the same way you let them know we borrow you,let them know we pay.disappointed client

  10. Why send text messages to all contacts in my phone book demanding payment? This is unethical and an insult. Am pissed off. This shouldn't be happening,not in the 20th century!

  11. I have forgotten my code pls help me

  12. I forgot the code en there is nowhere to get a reset code,I don't need a loan from zash again

  13. Do not text me again over anyone whom u gave the loan and has not paid. Shane on u because u did not consult me before u gave out such a loan. Nonsense

  14. Hello, why are you texting me about your client who took a loan to repay yet you did not consult the time they were acquiring those loans if I was aware. It is against the law for you not call the before processing those loans. I don't know the client so please sort your messes alone and don't text me again.

  15. Can you please keeping someone as an emergency contact before you confirm with them. Keep me out your loans. Let me have your phone numbers.

  16. Stop contacting people in my phone book who have nothing to do with the loan i took

  17. We agreed i will start making partial payment once you remove those penalties but instead you keep on sending sms to my phone contacts who are not aware about the loan.Can you send my loan statement in my email showing the amount im supposed to pay so that i plan how i will start making partial payments.

  18. This guys need to be sued,you can't call people you didn't involve while issuing your loans and start telling them to pay,Shame on you...I will forward and push until people like you behave!!!

  19. Kindly I do not need a loan, I haven't taken a loan, I have no app of loans. If someone ever put my number in your world, let's just assume he picked it from the watchman book in wherever places I visit. I got nothing to do with your loans. Stop disturbing me about that loan because you never asked me about it before you gave it out. I can't eat my problems and eat yours eish


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