6 Best loan apps in Kenya for students

There are loan apps which appear to be the best for Kenyan students and I have a list today.

Students often get very little as pocket money from parents and guardians due to the economic situation prevailing currently. It is also almost normal for students to lack even tuition fees.

In this regard, students often find themselves looking for alternatives to make ends meet financially.

Many opt for part time jobs around campus but that can also be insufficient or less reliable for financial emergencies.

A majority of students therefore, start looking for loans - the quickest of which are mobile loan apps.

Student loan apps Kenya

As already said, there are a large number of mobile loan apps in Kenya but some look more favourable to students.

This is because the loan apps provide quick small loans payable within two weeks. 

The apps are characterized by the loan amounts being small 14 day loans disbursed via mpesa.

In the list below, there is no loan apps like Tala,Zenka and Branch and this is because these are the best overall mobile Loan apps in Kenya 

If you're a student, in campus in Kenya, then here are some of the best loan apps for you

1. Siyo cash loan app 

Siyo cash loan app logo
Siyo cash loan app logo screenshot 

Siyo cash loan app gives up to ksh 100000 at an interest of 36% annual percentage rate.

You can read more about siyo cash loan app download 

2. Songacash loan app

Songacash is another best app for students who are looking for financial help. Read more about songa cash loan app 

3. Know know cash loan app

At first I thought this wasn't a loan app, but after testing it, I found out that the app is best for student loans. 

Read more about know know loan app

4.Calf for you loan app

Calf for you loan app is similar to know know loan app. This app is among the best for student loans.

5. Mojacredit loan app 

Mojacredit is also best for students in Kenya. This is because the app approves quick short term loans easily.

6. EasyKash VIP loan app

EasyKash VIP is another loan app best doe students in Kenya. 

EasyKash loans can be used for any purpose upon approval. Many students take EasyKash loans as pocket money.

Student loans alternatives

The best loan alternatives in Kenya for higher education students is Helb and Hef. 

These are very affordable loan facilities provided by the government.

Student loan app caution

Although the loan app seem to give quick and easy money, students should also remember that these are an expensive form of credit. It can damage a student credit score still in campus.


I would advise students to stick to other ways of borrowing if possible instead of relying on student loan apps. 

Atleast students can try asking relatives, cousins and even uncles for help in case of financial emergencies.

This is because student loan apps are very expensive - popular known for high interest rate and short loan repayment tenure. 

To avoid damaging a student credit score,they should pay loans on time of convinced to take.

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