Azima Loan App: Download and Apply for Short Term Loans in Uganda

Azima loan app is a short term personal loan lender in Uganda reliable for any financial emergencies.
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Azima loan app logo 

In this article, I will be sharing information about Azima loan app including;
  • Azima loan limits
  • Azima loan interest rate
  • Azima loan app download
  • Pay Azima loans
  • Is Azima loan legit
  • Azima loan contacts

Azima loans - Interest rates,loan limits

Loans from this lender go up to UGX200,000. This is the azima loan amount given to the most qualified borrowers.

Azima loan interest rate is 20% per month.

Azima loan app download

In order to get loans you'll have to download azima loan app from Google play store.

Go to Google play store and search for Azima loan app Uganda.

Once you see the app, you can install and create your account.

You'll need to have a national identification number,a mobile money account or a bank account.

How to apply for Azima loans

You'll have to login to azima loan app, see your loan limits and apply.

In many cases, first loan limits are low but subsequent loans can go up to UGX 200,000.

Pay Azima loans

Azima loan payment duration is 30 days but this can go up to 60 days. 

Borrower's pay loans via mobile money or through the bank - whichever is registered with your azima account.

Every customer is encouraged to make loan payments on time to increase chances of getting higher loan limits in future loans.

Borrowers are encouraged to avoid defaulting to further avoid damaging their credit scores due to CRB blacklisting.

Is Azima loan legit

Yes. Azima loan is a legit lender in Uganda. Citizens have been using Azima loans to settle financial emergencies.

Azima loan contacts

To get assistance,call the number or email to the address below;

Call +256 756711563



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