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Why your M-shwari Loan Limit is Zero

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Why is it that your M-shwari loan limit is zero? There are several reasons as to why that is happening to your account.

M-shwari is a mobile money service provided in collaboration between Safaricom and NCBA Bank. In this business partnership, Safaricom provides the platform while NCBA provides the funds.

The loans provided by Mshwari mobile wallet range between ksh 100 and ksh 50,000.The loans are disbursed instantly into your M-Pesa account after application and approval.

There's more to loans when you became an Mshwari customer. You can save money and earn interest or withdraw your cash at anytime.

But why is it that your loan limit is zero? The most interesting part of being an Mshwari customer is when you can get loans when you need cash.

Not every borrower qualifies and these are the reasons why Mshwari will tell you that your loan limit is zero, meaning you can take loans at that moment;

  • If your Safaricom line have been in use for less than six months. 
  • If you have not been actively using Safaricom products including voice,data and Mpesa 
  • If you're blacklisted by CRB
  • If you have an active/unpaid Mshwari loan
  • If have not saved with Mshwari. 
To check your Mshwari loan limit,
  • Go to Mpesa 
  • Loans and Savings 
  • Mshwari 
  • Loans
  • Check limit 


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