Opt Out Opt In To Increase Fuliza Limit Trick - Does It Work?

Fuliza limit Increase Trick

Can a customer opt out and then opt in again to increase fuliza limit? This is what few kenyans have been advising many kenyans to do in order to have their fuliza limits raised. But does this trick really work?

Many borrowers have been looking for ways to increase their fuliza loan limits ,maybe because of the economic hardship created by the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

I have several comments already on different Fuliza mpesa topics in this blog which involve customers complaining about the opt out opt in Fuliza trick. Let me share some few of the comments; 

The service are good but on my side I was getting fuliza loan of 1500 without knowing I longout the day I was needed it I opt in my limit was 00.can I be helpd to get my limit

I opted out and when I opted in again my limit dropped from 3500 to 500 what would be the problem.

I accidentally loged out my fuliza,when I realized & loged on again,my limit had been reduced from 5500 to 4500.what do i to regain back my limit?


My limit reduced to 0.00 after opting out from 300. I need help

I heard that if you want your limit grow you must opt out, imagine after opting out and I was having a limit of 3500 when I tried to opt in again it failed so people who are cheating people to opt out to grow limit people should know that is a lie

To see all just check this link on ways to increase Fuliza loan limit 

Does Opt Out Opt In To Fuliza Trick Increase Loan Limit?

The answer is both Yes and No. Why? Read what I think below;

Fuliza depends on the data about your mpesa usage stored by safaricom ,one of the fuliza owners. Opting out and opting in again triggers the fuliza system to look for new data immediately about you from the safaricom mpesa systems. 

The systems which are involved in coming up with loan approval decision or disapproval decision involve all the Fuliza Owners.

If fuliza finds a positive change in the way you're using mpesa, your fuliza limit will be increased. 

But if fuliza finds a negative or unfavourable change in the way you're using mpesa your fuliza limit will be decreased. 

Many Kenyans have been affected negatively economically by the ongoing Corona pandemic. It is likely that many have registered a negative or unfavourable mpesa usage. And that is why many find their limits decreased even as far down to zero.

Recommended Ways to Increase Fuliza Loan Limit 

There are legit ways to increase your fuliza loan limit but still it cannot be a straightforward scenario. 

For example the legitimate tricks will only work for mpesa customers who are eligible. Those who are in bad terms with safaricom and even other lenders ( I mean borrowers with a low credit scoring  or CRB blacklisted) can't have limits lifted above zero.

I have a whole article about Fuliza limits .Read about the Legit tricks to increase fuliza limit 



  1. I opted out fuliza accidentally and couldn't oppt in again!!. when I followed the steps oppt in I'm told to visit nearest safaricomshop !!!, please help without going to the safaricomshop.

    1. My problem here too kindly advise if u get an answer too


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