Who Owns Fuliza

who Owns Fuliza

Fuliza is an Mpesa overdraft service which enables kenyans to pay or send money to merchants, friends and relatives even with a low balance. 

The service is done via m-pesa, a safaricom product which works like a money moving bank.

Fuliza Limits 

The amount of loan that one can qualify for varies depending on the customer. Each mpesa user's limit is calculated independently. 

The minimum fuliza limit which can be awarded to a customer is zero while the maximum is ksh 70,000 which is the maximum transaction limit on mpesa. When Corona came there was increased demand for mobile money.  The limit was increased. 

Who Are the Owners of Fuliza

For the purpose of this article, I want to answer the question 'who owns Fuliza?'

Fuliza is a product owned by three companies which are;
  • Safaricom PLC
  • NCBA Bank
  • KCB Bank
Safaricom provide the infrastructure while NCBA and KCB provides the money in loans.

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