5 Trending Loan Apps Now

Credit Hela app

This year have been bumpy for the digital lending market not only in Kenya but all over the world due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Most loan apps had to stop providing credit in above to protect themselves from the possibility of high default rate on the side of the customers.

COVID-19 is not over yet but atleast people are getting used to it and the numbers of new cases each day are decreasing for the second month now.

What does this mean to some of the digital lenders? Some of them decided to come back on to business with some new names emerging.

We were used to Tala, Branch ,Timiza ,Zenka ,Okash and even Shika but now there are some new names coming up strong.

These are the loan apps trending now ,using all possible ways to reach out to as many customers as possible through advertising in a bid to get a share of the digital lending market.

If you're not yet aware of the trending apps before Coronavirus pandemic comes to an end ,then here are the trending 5 loan apps now;

5 top trending digital lenders in Kenya 

Loan apps

  1. Credit Hela
  2. KashWay 
  3. Mokash 
  4. Hikash 
  5. Ultra Kash


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