The Reason Why You Should Use PesaLink


With PesaLink you can send up to a maximum of ksh 999,999 to another bank account and it happens instantly.

There are other ways to send money instantly to another bank account. If you're to compare PesaLink with Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) ,you'll get the Shocking reason why PesaLink is the way to go.

PesaLink is Cheaper 

Why PesaLink is Cheaper

PesaLink Is Cheaper
And that's the reason.
Sending money (for example kes10000) will cost a maximum kes50 while sending the same through RTGS (branch, banking app,online banking) will cost kes600, kes600 and kes639 respectively.

This is a 'cost of banking'  report released December 2019 done in 2018 by FSD Kenya.


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