Dahabshiil - Money Transfer Service

Dahabshiil Money Transfer

 Dahabshiil is a money transfer company that helps in sending money fast to many regions of the world.

This company with headquarters in Dubai ,United Aeab Emirates (UAE) has over 24,000 agents spread across the world. These agents serve as the money sending or pickup points.

Why Dahabshiil Exists 

Dahabshiil is popular with the Somali community living abroad. This is company serves as the best way for Somali people to send money back home to Somalia or Somaliland. However, Dahabshiil is open to anyone who want to send money across the world. 

How To send money via Dahabshiil 

  • The sender visits the nearest Dahabshiil agent.
  •  He/She will fill in details in a form. 
  • Then provide the cash
  • And finally collect a receipt 
The money will be ready for collection instantly. 

Dahabshiil Ways To Receive Money 

Money send via Dahabshiil can be collected in cash at any of the nearest pickup points. Dahabshiil also can help send money directly to the recipient's Mpesa account especially for those living in Kenya. 

How To Contact Dahabshiil 

Dahabshiil has agents in all countries where the services are available. Kindly check Dahabshiil Website to see the nearest agent mobile phone numbers and location. 

Dahabshiil Headquarters is in Dubai (UAE)

  • Call Remittance Office number ; +971 4 228 9273
  • Call Corporate Office Number; +971 4359 8521
Dahabshiil Transfer Services in UK
  • Call +44 20 7375 1110
  • Email; customer.support@dahabshiil.co.uk

Dahabshiil Operations Centre, Hargeisa

  • Call ; + 4767059805 or  + 4767059825 or  + 4767059824  or + 4767059818
  • Call: + 2522300305 or + 2522 523000 or + 2522 528354 
  • Fax: + 2522 523001


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