Why Borrowers talked much about Fuliza Mpesa

Fuliza Mpesa Loan
When Fuliza launched some two years ago many people got excited knowing it will be now easy to get loans right from the SIM Toolkit.

Yes it was but a bit tricky when it came to withdrawing the borrowed fuliza money. And this is what got people talking.

There's no way you'll withdraw Fuliza loan from an Mpesa agent like other loans including KCBMPesa and M-shwari. Fuliza was and still is unique.

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When Fuliza launched, I got an SMS from Safaricom about it. Here is the message;

Dear customer, Fuliza M-PESA is a new service by Safaricom to help you send money and Lipa na M-PESA when you have insufficient funds. Dial *234# to opt in

From this, it was clear that Fuliza is just an overdraft. All you need to do is do a transaction and if you're short of any amount (nor above your Fuliza limit) then Safaricom will give you the Fuliza overdraft.

Those days, I received alot of questions on how to withdraw Fuliza loan. I had to tell them the trick. Just send the money to a friend, then ask that friend to withdraw the amount from an Mpesa agent and then give it to you. And this is the only way you can turn a Fuliza loan into real cash.


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