Who Can Actually Remove You from CRB ?

There are some individuals and even some companies out there claiming to be in a position to remove loan defaulters from the CRB blacklist without paying the lenders.

Guys, stop being conned by those individuals because it is not true. You'll only be removed from CRB blacklist by law, or through  government directive or after you repay your pending due loans.

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Alot of Kenyans have asked me this question, whether it is true that an individual can be out of CRB blacklist without following the right procedure. It can never happen.

Those individuals and companies collecting money from Kenyans claiming to help them get out of the blacklist are con men and women.

An innocent Kenyan asked me through Facebook messenger if these people are real or fake ;

Here is the message;
Hello, I have seen in Facebook, some individuals purporting to clear people from CRB without actually paying institutions that listd them on CRB.. is that really possible. Help me before they con

Kindly note that, only the CRB can unlist or remove you from the blacklist and that happens when the CRB get directed to do so by the lender who you have loans with.

Therefore if you want to be our of the CRB blacklist, pay all overdue loans and ask the lenders to direct the CRB to Delist your name from the blacklist.

If you get lucky, like what recently happened, the government through the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) can also direct some names to be removed from the CRB blacklist , if yours is in the list ,you'll be removed.

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