What's Your Credit Score Colour? Red Is Worse

A Credit Score is a value given by a Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) to a borrower and tells how good or worse a borrower is to lenders.

Metropol as one of the CBK licensed CRBs in kenya gives Credit Scores ranging from 200 ( this is poor credit score) to 900 ( which is excellent credit score).

Credit Scores by Metropol CRB are named as Metro-Scores ,very important in helping lenders come up with a lending decision to a given borrower.

If you feel like checking yours ,read how to check my credit score in Kenya.

Metro Colours 

In addition, Metro-Scores have colours too apart from the values. The colours are Red, Yellow( Amber) and Green.

  • Red - means No Credit Score 
  • Yellow- means Low / Poor Credit Score 
  • Green- means High / Excellent Credit Score 
What's your Credi Colour?
Metro Scores and Colours


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