6 Best Loan Apps for iPhone iOS Users

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For long, loan apps have only been accessible to android smartphone users.

Many lenders thought iOS device users are rich and stable and can't struggle looking for small loans to get going in their every day lives.

After a second consideration though, some lenders discovered that those iPhone iOS guys also need those quick mobile loans. I can confirm this to be true. As the owner of Loans Blog, I have received alot of enquires about loan apps on the Appstore. 

Today am going to list the 6 best loan apps available on appstore; 
  1. Timiza
  2. HF Whizz 
  3. PesaPap 
  4. VOOMA 
  5. Zenka
  6. Carbon
In this regard, it it now possible for an iPhone user to access mobile loans via apps and get the money disbursed to their Mpesa account ready for use.

All the apps give the same loan amounts on iOS as they have been providing on Android smartphones and tablets. 

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