Biva Loan App Download: Is It Legit

Biva loan app is a free to download finance application giving mobile loans in Kenya but is it legit?

In this article I will be sharing what I know about Biva loan app.

Biva loans Features

Let's s first look at what the Biva app loans look like with emphasis on loan limits and interest rates.

The lender provides a variety of loan facilities including; personal loans , business loans, school fees loans, rent loans ,cars loans and emergency loans 

Biva loan limits ranges from sh 10,000 to sh 100,000. The amounts depend on the loan facility you pick.

Here are the maximum loan limits for each loan facility from Biva; 

Personal loans - 10,000
Business loans - 100,000
Car loans - 80,000
Emergency loans - 40,000
Rent loans - 30,000
School fees loans - 50,000

What is Biva loan interest rate? The maximum APR is 36% per year. 

Biva Loan Requirements 

Well look at how to make a loan application via Biva app below but before that you should know first if you qualify to be a customer.

Here are the requirements to become a Biva customer; 
  1. Be a Kenyan citizen
  2. Be 18 years to 60 years
  3. Have an income source 

How to apply for Biva loans 
Now let me share how you can apply for a Biva loan.

First you'll have to login to Biva loan app and confirm your loan limit.

Once you decide on how much you need with regard to the loan limit awarded, you'll now submit your application.

Loan decision is done in just a few minutes. Once approved the amount is deposited into your M-Pesa account. If not approved,try again some time later.

Remember I mentioned Biva loan app above. Let's now look at how to get the app.

Biva Loan App Download

The app is available on Google play store. To download Biva loan app, go to Google play store, search for the name, download and install the app.
Biva loan app logo screenshot
A screenshot of Biva Loan App on Google play store 

For those who need Biva loan app APK files, they can search on Google for APK file sources and download the app. This is not recommended though.

People using iPhones or iOS devices unfortunately can't download Biva loan app. The iOS version is not available at the moment.

After you've installed Biva app and created your account ,that's when you can login and apply for loans as described above.

Pay Biva Loans 

Biva loan payment duration is from 91 days to 365 days.

Customers pay loans via M-PESA Xpress within the app. 

Late loan repayment is not allowed. It will damage tour reputation leading to loan denial in future.

Biva Loan App Reviews

Is Biva loan app legit? According to the information found on Google play store,the Biva loan app reviews show complaints of asking for fees before a customer can get loans.

Biva loan app ratings is also low at 1.4/5 stars.

Biva loan app ratings screenshot
A screenshot of Biva loan app ratings on Google play store 

A majority if not all Kenyans don't like paying fees online to get loans. This sounds like a red flag. Most probably it's a scam loan app.

Biva Loan App Contacts

I searched around but never found Biva loan phone numbers or email addresses. 

Communication is via chats within the app.

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