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What are the best fast loan apps in Kenya? This is a very common question most Kenyans have been asking since the apps set foot in the country.

As a Finance Blogger, I have been testing these apps for a long time now. Along the way I discovered that myself and from my article readers comments ,there are a few factors that makes a loan app the best. These can include among others;

  • Simple user interface,
  • Cool colours,
  • Easy navigation,
  • Simple registration process
  • Is there any registration fee?
  • Simple loan application process 
  • Fast loan disbursements 
  • Reasonable loan limits 
  • Affordable interest rates 
  • Reasonable repayment period 
  • Clear and Simple terms of use
Of these, an app that works fast and disburses loan quickly can be considered the best. This because most of the people who borrow loans from these digital lenders always need to solve emergencies.

Most of the time borrowers can forget about the other factors for example the 'tems of use' or 'interest rates ' and focus on applying and receiving the loan.

But actually, which is the best loan app that can give instant loans in Kenya? There is a long list of good loan apps in Kenya but this list below shows the best.

These digital lenders carry the most of the characteristics that best favours most of the borrowers with I being included .They are easy to register, charge affordable rates, easy to navigate through the app, cool and attractive colors, no unnecessary fees, fast loan disbursements, higher loan limits,easy to communicate;

  1. KCBMPesa
  2. Mshwari 
  3. Tala
  4. Branch International 
  5. Timiza
  6. Vooma
  7. PesaPap 
  8. HF Whizz 
  9. Zenka
  10. Haraka 
  11. Saida 




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