Safaricom Introduces new Security Feature

Safaricom has introduced a new security feature that will stop people from using other people's National Identity Cards to register new Safaricom numbers.

The feature requires the original owner of such an ID to confirm before the new number is registered under the ID.

The original owner of the ID will receive a notification message from 707 asking for confirmation like this;

Dear Customer, anew number is about to be registered under your ID number. Please reply with YES to continue or NO to cancel the registration.

This is a good move as there have been alot of issues arising from this where your own underage children, friends or even people you don't know could take your ID ,register a line and start misusing it.

Bad people have been doing this by sending abusive and threatening messages to innocent people and some even ask for money using such illegal registered numbers. This atleast will come to an end.


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