How to Restructure your Loans through CRB

Metropol CRB Kenya

It is now possible to ask your lender for loan restructuring ,which is very important especially during this COVID-19 pandemic through Metropol CRB.

Metropol announced this today through a video displaying all the steps to be followed to achieve that through social media.

To restructure your loans with the lenders, you'll need to have the Metropol CRB app ( Crytobol) installed. All the other steps are done within the app.

Here is how to ask for loan restructuring through crystobol app;

  • Download the latest version of crystobol app
  • Register your profile 
  • Now select COVID 19 loan restructure (all your active loans will appear)
  • Select the loans to restructure and your terms 
  • Confirm and submit 
Metropol is the most popular Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) in Kenya with the biggest number of agents across the country. 


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