How to Get 100 % Safaricom Airtime Bonus


Did you know you can get 100 per cent airtime bonus when you're  a Safaricom subscriber?

I received a message from Safaricom today telling me on how I can get such bonus.  Here is the message I got ;

Did  you  know  you  can  enjoy  upto  100%  Bonus  to  call  your  friends  and  Family?  Simply  dial  *460#  to  register  on  Stori  Ibambe.

In this regard, it is now possible for you to get 100 % airtime bonus after registration by dialling *460# on tour phone (both smartphones and feature phones).

After registration, Safaricom will give you a limit called 'storo limit' .  Whenever you spend airtime equal to your storo limit, Safaricom will give you airtime equal to what your storo limit.

This programme is dubbed 'stori ibambe'

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