Understanding Credit Reporting

Credit Report Understanding

As 'Loans Kenya' we are happy to share the exact description about a credit report from Creditinfo,one of the licensed CRBs in kenya.

Understanding your Credit Report:

"Your Credit Report is ultimately created by YOU. When you apply for a credit facility your jorney begins with a Credit Reference Bureau.

Data collection 

Even at application stage of the loan in most cases your credit profile is created at the CRB, leaving a foot print of the credit enquiry done on your National ID. 

Once the loan is granted the loan information and your details are loaded onto the CRB. This is called positive data sharing. Each time you pay your facility the financial institution will send the payment history of the facility each month to us. This creates an overview look of how you pay your accounts.


 If you miss a payment at any time this is also recorded and sent to us. If the account goes over 90 days in arrears the financial institution can then mark that account as non-performing (known in Kenya as listing). 

Credit Score 

Your bureau score will start calculating and start showing a good or bad score depending on how well you pay your accounts and a few other general aspects of your credit history. 

Credit Report 

Your credit report contains all your personal information and any contact and address information, even from 5 years back. 

Remember you can get a free credit report once every 12 months to check your status, I sugest you do, so you don't get a surprise when applying for credit. 

Disputing The Report 

If you feel that information is incorrect, dispute it immediatly with the CRB so that they can speak to the financial institution for you."


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