PLUS loan app APK download latest

PLUS loan app is a mobile money lending platform which provides education loans to students.

Sometimes referred to as Parents Plus loan or Direct Plus loan, the facility is meant to help students pay for tuition fees and or boarding.

Parents and any post secondary school students - college students, undergraduate students, graduate students and professionals can apply for the loan facility.

PLUS loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits

The loan amounts depend on the student or parent credit score and time spent already at the higher learning institution.

PLUS loan interest rate is fixed at 7.54% for the entire loan repayment period.

PLUS loan app download

At the moment there's no app for PLUS loan to download. Students can simply apply by filling in the available application forms. Maybe in the near future an app will be available.

Pay PLUS loan

Loan beneficiaries pay the loan after getting stable employment, months or even years after graduation. Parents can pay once their students complete school.


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