Safecount loan app APK download

Safecount loan is a money lending service available to borrowers who are willing to grow their businesses with affordable loans. 

Safecount loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits

The lender's loans depend on the customer's credit score. With a high credit score a customer can get enough and sufficient working capital for his or her business.

Safe count interest rate is also dependent on the clients creditworthiness and principal amount borrowed. In general however, safecount interest rate is low.
Safecount loan logo
Safecount loan logo, Nigeria

Safecount loan app download 

Currently there is no app available. To increase convenience,we expect the lender to introduce an app in the future.

Pay Safecount loan 

Loan payment will be agreed upon accepting the loan offer from safe count. Repayment duration will be communicated that time. 

Large loan amounts will attract a longer repayment duration.

Safecount loan customer care contacts

We don't have revealed contacts currently for Kenya. In Nigeria,the contacts are ; 

(080) 32713122


  1. I want to opt out ...I don't know what they pay people for


  2. How do i regester

  3. Why should i pay 95 for being hiven a loan? Why cant they deduct from the facility they are giving you? I smell aomething.

  4. Why should I have to pay 95 shillings, aah why can't your people do offff with that 95 shillings in that amount your people were to lend me that shows me that the safecount is not a legit thing

  5. Why do I need to pay 95 shillings … can it be deducted and give less of that amount ?

    1. It's conmanship. I have paid in several loan apps and nothing has happened. NO LOAN GRANTED.

  6. AV paid 95 ksh,and no loan information neither the loan itself

  7. This is a fake loan. They didn't give me anything even after paying 95sh.

  8. I think this people need to be reported,why cheat and take my money

  9. If there is no loan its better you give back my money

  10. Pliz guys the only freedom we will have is when we're not enticed with loans to surrender the little we have in possession.. pliz life is hard but should we not lose more .

  11. This fake loan,they didn't gave me loan even after paying 95 shillings

  12. Be aware, its a scam


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