Zenga loan app APK download latest

Zenga loan is one of the popular loan apps providing access to fast, secure and affordable mobile loans in Kenya.

Actually it is Zenka loan and that is what I think at the moment because no lender is using the name zenga in Kenya.

Zenga loan - Interest Rates, Loan Limits 

The maximum loan is sh.30,000. The lowest loan that zenga can give is sh. 500 however, the first zenga loan is up to Sh. 3,000 for a qualifying customer.

The app normal demands you upload your M-Pesa statement for the last six months.

Zenga interest rate is zero for first time borrowers then 9% to 39% for continuing customers.

Zenga loan app download 

In order to start accessing loans you'll have to download zenga loan app from Google play store and then create your account.

Pay Zenga loan

Pay is after 30 days minimum. The duration can go up to 61 days on loan extension.

Zenga loan customer care contacts

020 7650878

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