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Wezesha Loan App

Wezesha Loan App provide fast, efficient and affordable loans to Kenyans via M-Pesa, a service provided by Exclusive887.

Wezesha Loans - Loan Limits

The lender's loans range from sh. 500 which the minimum loan amount one can get to sh. 50,000 being the maximum loan provided by Wezesha. 

Wezesha loans should be repaid within a maximum time period of 1 year after the disbursement have been made to the customer's Mpesa account. 

Wezesha Loans Interest,Charges and Fees 

Sometimes mwezesha asks for registration fees from customers who are joining the service, but these below are the charges a customer will face;

  • The lender charges a one time service fee of 0.4% to 2.5% of the principal amount borrowed by the customer. 
  • Then there's a the interest rate charged on the loan taken. The rate is from 0,6% to 180% per annum  depending on the time period choosen for loan repayment. 
  • There's also a late repayment charge which will never surpass the loan taken.

How To Download Wezesha loan app APK

You must first Download Wezesha Loans App from Google play store. Then create your profile after which the app will provide you with your loan limit before you can apply for the loan.

How To Repay Wezesha Loans 

Wezesha doesn't show it's M-Pesa Paybill number.  It is already integrated into the app. For this reason, payment is done within the app.

Wezesha Loan Customer Care Contacts

There are no numbers to call at the moment. Wezesha however has an email address which a customer can use to communicate with the lender. 




  1. How many times do I have to send my fee coz I have already sent via mpesa through the app told to wait for 48hours but no response.......what next


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