What do I need to open a bank account in Kenya

To open a bank account in Kenya you need these two documents - National IDnor Passport and KRA Pin.

What are the right documents needed to open a bank account in Kenya? In this article am going to make you know what exactly is needed before you can have a legit bank account.

There are over fourty (40) commercial banks operating legally in Kenya. This means you have a wide range of options to choose from. It can be challenging to choose one but I already have an article to help you in this : 

Open bank account in Kenya

Popular Commercial Bank in Kenya

Some of the most popular commercial banks among Kenyans include; 
  1. Equity Bank
  2. KCB 
  3. Cooperative Bank
  4. Family Bank

What do you need to bring to open a bank account

Banks are regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). Mostly the requirements are almost the same with little variations. 

Here are the must have documents while applying for a bank account .
Note ;These documents are for someone who needs to open a personal bank account;
  1. National ID or Passport
  2. KRA - recently became a must have document
Sometimes back a national ID or passport was the only document needed for one to open a bank account but recently a KRA pin certificate was included.

Depending on the bank you approach, there are other documents which can also be needed. These include;
  • Bank or Mpesa statements
  • Passport size photos
For some bank's like SBM, an bank or Mpesa statement is a must. If you visit Equity Bank the passport size photos can be processed in the banking hall.

How much is required to open a bank account

Can I open a bank account with no money?
You might be surprised I didn't mention anything like money as a requirement for opening a bank account.

This is because not all bank account need initial deposit especially if it's a current account. If you ask for a debit or credit card money will be needed.

How much is a debit or credit card in Kenya

The most popular bank cards in Kenya area from Visa, MasterCard and recently American Express.

Depending on the bank approached and the type of card processed the value varies greatly. The average cost however, is around KES 700.

For example a MasterCard from Equity bank can cost KES 600 while the same can cost for KES 700 at National Bank or Cooperative Bank.

Do I need a KRA pin to open a bank account

Yes, you need a KRA pin to open a bank account. This was introduced recently by the government. It helps in tracking tax evaders.

Which bank is easiest to open an account with in Kenya

I'll recommend Equity Bank of Kenya. They just need your national ID and KRA pin. The rest can be processed within the hall and the process is fast.

If you must try another bank apart from Equity,then go for KCB.

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