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Equity Bank Group
Equity bank of kenya @keEquityBank is one the most innovative in terms of banking and lending solutions to the kenyan communities.Its again the most deeply spread bank in kenya with branches found deep into the kenyan suburbs.

As if that's not enough the lender is also the most active in taking part in Social Responsibility activities for example the famous WINGS TO FLY program in partnership with MasterCard Foundation which sees thousands of students sent to school each year.

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Equity bank group has existence in other  East and Central African countries including Uganda ,Tanzania,DRC,Rwanda among others.

Equity Bank Loan products.

There are several loan solutions for both individuals and businesses. They include;  

  • Equiloan ,
  • Agriculture loans ,
  • mortgages, 
  • merchandise loans,
  • asset financing,
  • fanikisha women loans,
  • SME loans,
  • Trade finance and 
  • Micro Finance loans.

Equity Bank Phone Contacts.

Twitter @keEquityBank

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