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Halal Pesa Loans - Download App, USSD, Interest Rates, Contacts

Halal Pesa Loan is a Shariah Compliant mobile loan service which help customers access fast and affordable loans via MPesa.The service is provided by Safaricom in conjunction with shariah compliant Gulf African Bank.

Who can Use Halal Pesa Loans

The loans are available to all mpesa users. Anyone with an active mpesa account can opt in. Continue reading to get all the steps.

Halal Pesa Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits

The facility amount ranges from a minimum of ksh 1000 to a maximum of ksh 15,000. Repeat customers can get a higher maximum loan amount up to ksh 20,000 instantly.

According to shariah (laws) interest rate is not allowed. Halal Pesa loans therefore have a facilitation fee of 5% per month (30 days). 

Halal Pesa loan default - when a borrower fails to pay in 30 days the loan amount plus the interest is rolled over for another 30 days as a new loan facility. When the borrower fails to pay the loan again (after the 60 days) the roller over stops.

How to Access Halal Pesa loans

To get halal pesa loans,there are two ways to get there:
  • Via mySafaricom App
  • Via USSD code

Halal Pesa USSD code

Halal Pesa USSD code

Halal Pesa USSD code is *334#.
You can opt in to halal Pesa services by simply dialling used code *334#. To access loans a customer can still dial *334# and select halal Pesa from the provided options.

Halal Pesa Safaricom app 

Halal Pesa Safaricom app

Another way to opt in Halal  Pesa Loan services is via mySafaricom app. You can download mySafaricom app then select mpesa,next select loans and savings and finally select halal pesa. Customers can still use the Safaricom app to access the loans by following the same process.

Halal Pesa Contacts

As earlier said, the facility is provided by Safaricom in conjunction with Gulf African Bank. To get help contact the two companies as shown below;

Safaricom Prepaid Customers;  0722002100
Safaricom Postpaid Customers; 0722002200
Gulf African Bank ; 0711075000




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