Motorbike loan without deposit

Motorbike loan without deposit is what many youths have been asking for because of lack of funds to pay as down payment while applying for a boda boda loan.

In this article I will show you lenders who can actually give motorcycle loans without asking for any deposit. Sounds unreal? Continue reading below.

At the moment, there are so many lenders out there will to give out motorcycle loans but the problem is they all want a deposit to be made up front.

Due to the economic situation in the country, many of the youths who are will to get motorbike financing are left out after lenders ask for such deposits.

As I said earlier, the number of companies offering motorbike financing in Kenya is big. I have an article about second hand motorbike loans which you can also check.

I feel it's going to be a nice idea to list some of the most popular motorbike loans givers in the country before I move on to the ones which do not ask for deposit; 
You can notice that, I didn't include any commercial banks, microfinance banks or credit only institutions in the above list. 

If am to include some of the popular motorbike loan givers which are also credit only institutions, then I'll mention the following;
  • Mwananchi Credit
  • Ngao Credit
  • Jijenge Credit
  • Progressive Credit
  • Platinum Credit
  • Premier Credit

Motorbike loans without deposit in Kenya 

JoyInc logo
JoyInc logo

At the moment, I know of only one lender which does that.
JoyInc is the motorcycle loan lender which doesn't ask for any deposit.

In addition to motorbikes, JoyInc also gives tuk tuks and motor vehicles on credit terms. 

To get started, kindly contact JoyInc using the details below; 

Ruai Nairobi office; Dune Plaza, Ground floor
Rongai Nairobi office; Brisma Towers, 2nd floor,suite C4

When I get to know more motorbike lenders without deposit,I'll list them here too. 

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