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MoreKash Loan App - How To Download, Apply For Loans,Repay Via M-Pesa, Contacts

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MoreKash loan app

MoreKash is an app that currently can connect a borrower to other apps that provide fast mobile money. MoreKash App is managed by Suzziebecky.

MoreKash Loans

Before one can benefit from the loans connected via MoreKash, there is a registration fee to be paid. If you're not comfortable with paying fees before getting loans I'll advise you stop the process. 

Those who feel okay with paying fees (through MoreKash Paybill number) can proceed to Download MoreKash App from Google play store, create their account and apply for the loans. 

The loans here can be anything from kes500 to kes500,000 charged an interest rate of 12% APR. 

The loan repayment period is from a minimum of 3 months (91days) and a maximum of 1 year. 

How to Contact MoreKash Customer Care


Visit Address: 3th Floor River Tower, Makutano - Karatina Rd, 10230, Nairobi, Kenya


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  1. I registered thanks am getting a loan only to find myself on other loan apps can I get a refund of my cash plz

  2. MoreKash is Fraud and should be deregistered

  3. What happens after applying for a loan and paying reg fee coz I'm seeing other lending apps,,it is so confusing

    1. I also wonder what a confusion and have already paid registration fee 350 and was approved

  4. More Your playing with people minds this is not good

  5. I applied loan a week ago paid the registration fee 350 and was approved but I haven't received the loan
    You had texted that you would refund the registration fee in three days if I would not have received the loan but I don't know what is happening

  6. I need my refund back of 520 i thought you guys are the once rendering the loan but to my surprise i fond different apps not you guys