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How To Contact CashNow Loan App Customer Care

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 CashNow loan app is now one of the trending mobile money lenders in Kenya, providing fast credit services to individuals and businesses. 

It is normal to have issues that can make you as a customer or even as a prospective customer or a concerned person to seek for help from a business providing goods or services and CashNow is not exceptional. 

What can make a customer Contact CashNow 

There are many reasons why customers can be forced to contact CashNow help desk for example;

  • Forgetting login details like PIN
  • Loan denied for no reason 
  • No loan limit rise
  • Forgetting CashNow Paybill number 
  • If CashNow is Crushing always 
  • If no money is received after loan is approved 
  • If account fails to reflect the amount after payment 
  • If customer make wrong payment process 
  • And many more...

How You Can Call CashNow, WhatsApp or Check on Social Media

Here are the Contacts for CashNow loan app including mobile phone number, WhatsApp number, email and social media!
  • Call CashNow; 0720765122
  • WhatsApp CashNow;0110000042
  • Facebook; CashNow
  • Twitter; @CashNow
  • Instagram;CashNow_ke
  • Email;
CashNow Contacts
CashNow Contacts 


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