How To Send Money Home To Kenya Via M-Pesa - 21 Best Money Transfers



Kenya is a blessed country which have been and is still exporting human resource to the world.

Kenyans working abroad most of the time think investing back home or sometimes think of supporting families back in Kenya by sending money. 

From wherever Kenyans are for example those in Doha  (Qatar ) Dubai (UAE), Mumbai (India) ,New York (USA) ,London (England) , Berlin (Germany) or Rome (Italy) know how M-Pesa is fast and convenient when it comes to sending and receiving money. 

There are money transfer ways like Bank Transfers and Cheques but Mpesa is best . This is because its fast and there are many Mpesa agents even in remote areas for easy money pick up.

In this regard, Safaricom has already allowed many money transfer companies to integrate M-Pesa into their platforms to help Kenyans and anyone else abroad to send money fast to Kenya. 

21 Best Ways To Send Money Via Mpesa to Kenya 

Check online to see if these services are available in your foreign country before proceeding to send cash to Kenya.

The list below shows the most common and convenient ways to send money via Mpesa to Kenya from the diaspora . All you need to provide is the recipient names and Mpesa number; 

  1. Xpressmoney - popular in many countries especially in the Middle East-for example Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq.
  2. Remitly- popular in the western countries- for example Italy, Germany, France 
  3. PayPal - popular in Asian countries- for example India, Philippines, Malaysia 
  4. Xoom- faster than paypal. Xoom is popular in USA 
  5. WorldRemit - popular in America and Europe. 
  6. Azimo - popular to send money from US to Kenya via M-Pesa 
  7. Transferwise - popular worldwide.
  8. TalkRemit - popular worldwide 
  9. Ooredoo - popular in Qatar ( Doha)
  10. Western union - popular worldwide 
  11. Transfast - popular worldwide 
  12. Skrill - popular in US and Europe 
  13. Payoneer - popular in the US
  14. SkyForex
  15. Transfer Galaxy 
  16. Xendpay
  17. Dahabshil - popular in Somalia, Djibouti,other Islamic Countries 
  18. MTN - popular in Rwanda,Uganda, South Africa and Nigeria 
  19. Post Finance - popular in Switzerland 
  20. Rocket Remit (formerly mHits) - popular in Australia 
  21. MoneyGram- popular in US and Europe 


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