How To Be a CRB Agent - All Requirements ,Commissions

Metropol CRB Agent
It is possible to apply to the CRB to be a CRB Agent if you have all the required specifications.

In Kenya, there are three licensed CRBs namely Metropol CRB, Transunion CRB (CRB Africa) and Creditinfo CRB. Of these only Metropol was approved to have agents.

How to be a Metropol CRB agent 

CRB agents provide the same services just like the main reference bureau including;

  • Who listed you 
  • Credit score 
  • Credit History 
  • Credit Report 
  • Clearance Certificate 
The agents earn commissions for every transaction customers make from their businesses. 

Sometimes back ,I asked Metropol through Facebook Messenger to give me some more information about how to be a CRB agent. Here are the requirements; 

Good afternoon Katana, The following are the requirement in case you want to be our agent:

i. Submission of copies of your business registration documents and the ORIGINALS for verification; 

ii. Submission of copies of owner(s) identification cards(IDs); 

iii. Submission of three official passport photos of owners(s); 

iv. Submission of a current certificate of Good Conduct issued by the criminal investigation department of Kenya Police in respect of owner(s)/senior staff;

v. Submission of credit reference bureau certificate in respect of your business; 

vi. Capacity & allocation of staff for agency activities

vii. Creation of official email account exclusively for MCRB activities

viii. Standard office[with internet connection, a customer care set up with customer seats, a printer& printing papers, a scanner]

Thank you.

To get started Contact Metropol CRB 


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