4 Loans For Blacklisted, Debt Review People in South Africa

Capitec bank

It happens you can be blacklisted by the credit bureaus and still need a loan urgently to solve financial problems for example paying a medical bill.

In South Africa, although not easy but you can still secure a loan as a blacklisted individual even from the top lenders who have financial solutions that never involve credit checks.

Large lenders have such options for example; 
  • Avbob blacklisted loans
  • Pep loans for blacklisted 
  • African Bank loan for blacklisted 
  • Loans for blacklisted at Capitec 
These lenders might not be open about these products specific for defaulters but after considering other factors,  a blacklisted person can still get a loan.

In South Africa, it is however recommended that someone should submit himself or herself to Debt Review.  There are Debt Counsellors who can help a client pay loans in a legal manner before being blacklisted by the Credit Bureaus. Together with Credit Bureaus, Debt Counsellors (DC) are licensed by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) formed by the National Credit Act (NCA).

Loans For Blacklisted In South Africa 

Lenders tend to avoid risky customers who want to apply for loans. Denying loans to individuals or businesses with a bad credit score is also a way to show solidarity with other lenders in punishing defaulters. 

There are some loan products however which can be availed even to the blacklisted individuals despite them being risky. These include; 

1. Payday loans for the blacklisted 

Payday loans (also know as Salary Advance) are deducted right from the borrower's salary at the end of the month. This way there's low chance that the lender will lose the money loaned.

Salary advance products are most of the time being discouraged in some countries like the US due to it's predatory nature. Payday loans can push an individual into poor financial health situations. 

2. Secured loans for the blacklisted 

In South Africa, these are some of the things lenders accept as collateral;
  • Land title deed 
  • Car , Vehicle logbook 
  • Household items 
  • Electronics 
Some lenders can ask for these kind of security in order to give blacklisted people loans. 

Logbook loans are very common. Individuals or companies with cars car secure loans against their logbooks despite being listed negatively by the Credit Bureaus.

3. Home Loans for blacklisted 

Some lenders choose to offer home loans to the blacklisted people. This is possible because once the borrower's fail to repay the loans, the lender takes over ownership of the home.

Big lenders that can provide this service include but not limited to the following in SA ; 
  • Absa
  • FNB
  • NedBank 
  • Sentinel Homes
  • Standard Bank
  • RMB
  • Hip
  • Ithala
  • Investec 

4. Asset Finance for the blacklisted 

Some lenders can still buy assets for individuals or companies either movable or immovable who are blacklisted. 

This is possible because if the borrowers fail to repay, the lenders can simply confiscate the assets. 


If you're blacklisted and need cash, you can approach lenders and be open about yourself and your finances. Some lenders can help after understanding your situation instead of relying on the reports available with the Credit Bureaus.




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