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South Africans who are in indebtedness are free to seek the help of Debt Counsellors (DC) to help with the debt review process. 

In South Africa, you can't continue to suffer because of debts. This was made possible when the National Credit Act (NCA) introduced Debt Review in 2007.

Before one gets blacklisted by the Credit Bureaus licensed by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), he or she can seek the help of DC.

The Debt Review company will take away a lot of stress from the indebted borrower by doing the following; 

  • Stop Credit Bureau blacklisting process 
  • Stop any kind of harassment from the lenders ( creditors)
  • Consolidate in full or partially the debts 

How To Start Debt Review 

There are many Debt Counsellors in South Africa both licensed ( Check on NCR Website) and unlicensed but trusted companies. 

If you feel like you can't pay your loans the normal way , you can reach out to one of the best DC listed below.

6 Best Debt Counsellors in South Africa 

Here are the 3 most active and friendly debt review companies that can take you through the process to being debt free ; 

  1. Finfix - call +27 85 655 6000 or +27 61 531 0415
  2. Debt Rescue - call +27 86 112 3644
  3. Debt Busters - call +27 86 136 5910
  4. Debt Safe - call +27 86 110 0999
  5. Clear Credit  Report - call +27 87 808 9808
  6. Debt Review Centre- call +27 86 999 0785


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