How To Open a Jumbo Junior Account -The Requirements,How To Save And Withdraw Cash


Jumbo Junior Account- Cooperative Bank

Jumbo Junior  is a transactional bank account from Cooperative Bank of Kenya (Co-opbank) which enables parents save for their children's future. 

As a good parent it is advisable to teach your kids on how to save money and Cooperative Bank has a special account that can help in this - Jumbo Junior Account which is the 'big bank account for little people '.

How to Open A Jumbo Junior Account 

If you're a parent or a guardian for a child below the age of 18 years , then you're the right person to open this bank account for your child.

To open this account for your little one,just visit any nearest Cooperative Bank branch near you.

Requirements To Open Jumbo Junior Account 

Before you can open a Jumbo Junior Account for your child, these are the requirements;

  • Your child's Birth Certificate 
  • Your (the Parent's) copy of KRA PIN 
  • Your (the Parent's) Copy of ID
  • Ksh 500 as initial deposit 
  • Ksh 600 for a debit card (optional)

Jumbo Junior Account Benefits 

Children with a jumbo Junior Account will get ;
  • Free ele-bank to store money from home
  • Free birthday cards
  • Discounted bank cheques for free

How To Withdraw Money From jumbo Account 

As the parent or guardian who opened the account,  you're allowed to make money withdraw anytime. 

These are the ways you can access the Jumbo Junior Account money;
  • Go to a Cooperative Bank branch
  • Use a debit card at an ATM
  • Through MCo-opCash 
  • Through Co-op kwa Jirani Agent 


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